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The magnificence of seeing the Aurora Borealis in real life is incomparable. Described as many as one of nature’s fascinating displays, an aurora or polar lights is a natural light display predominantly seen in high-latitude areas.

For those who aim to witness the Aurora Borealis, it’s good to note that escaping the city is a must because pollution affects visibility of stars and the Aurora. The best season to see auroras is during winter season because the nights are longer.

Here are some of the best counties where the Aurora Borealis is best seen and at its most beautiful:

Aurora Village in Yellowknife, Canada

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Yellowknife is the top city destination in Northwestern Canada. It’s found on the north shore of Great Slave Lake and Aurora Village is its premiere destination for the lights display.

Enjoy Aurora Village’s daytime activities such as the Yellowknife City Tour in the day wherein you can get to know the city’s history. In the evening, marvel at one of its most breathtaking views of the northern lights. Sometimes winter season means that the sun starts to set at 3pm, and that’s best for viewing of auroras in Yellowknife.

Best time to go: The best view is during the mid-November to March.

Hamnøy Village in Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Norway is a hotspot when it comes to the Aurora Borealis with numerous destinations such as Svalbard, Tromso, Harstad, Bodo, Alta, Andoya, and Lakselv. However, one place that stands out among the rest is the Lofoten Islands.

Hamnøy has fishing village area where most tourists and locals frequent to witness the Aurora. Because of how close it is to the water, the sky seems closer and much clearer to the human eye. It’s also quite an experience to see this natural display reflected on the water.

Best time to go: October to March

Mount Kirkjufell in Western Iceland

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At 1,500 feet above sea level, Mount Kirkjufell offers the most glorious view of the northern lights. Also known as the “Church Mountain,” it is found at the north shore of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

This mountain is considered as the most photographed location in Iceland because of its visual beauty. Aside from its panoramic view, Mount Kirkjufell’s waterfalls also provide a scenic addition to the view of the light display. This stunning spot is found near the village of Grundarfjörður, which only has 900 residents. This is why heading to this destinations could mean finding time for peace and reflection.

Best time to go: September to mid-April

Kakslauttanen in Saariselkä, Finland

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The months that coincide with the best times to see Aurora Borealis in Finland can be very cold. You can still, however, enjoy the lights even if you’re “indoors” by staying at one of the glass igloos in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

The best part is that you can stay warm in your bed and enjoy the view inside an igloo at the same time. Make this luxurious experience even better by doing other activities at the resort such as skiing and sledding. If you’re looking for a leisurely time, you can try their smoke saunas and ice swimming.

Best time to go: September to March