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Norway is one of the best places to head to for the Aurora Borealis but it offers much more than its natural light display. Home to the Vikings back in the 9th century, Norway stands as one of the most interesting visits because of its storied history. The country is limitless when it comes to it’s beautiful and rich natural wonders which is Norway should top your must visit list.

Capital: Oslo
Currency: Norwegian krone
Population: 5.258 million (2017)
Official languages: Norwegian, Bokmål, Nynorsk, Saami, North

In this country, days are long

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Famously known as Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway spends two months of the entire year, specifically mid-May to mid-July, with the sun not setting at all. Since the northern part of Norway is located above the arctic circle where the sun shines for 24 hours, much of the country experiences days wherein the sun never sets.

Viyahe tip: While you can experience the 24/7 sun from anywhere you are in Norway’s northern region, a hike to the top of Reinebringen near Reine village can give a very scenic view of the midnight sun.

It is the home of the Aurora Borealis

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In contrast to the long days during May to July wherein the sun doesn’t set in the country, Norway is also surprisingly a hotspot for the Aurora Borealis which requires long and dark nights. Listed as one of the best countries [suggestion: hyperlink to article about Auroras] to visit to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, Norway is considered as home to the most beautiful Auroras. This is one of the countries wherein it can be quite easy to chase the light display because of the numerous possibilities. Just to name a few Tromso, Harstad, Alta, and Hamnøy are some of the many places to see the light display.

Viyahe tip: The best months to come to the country and witness nature’s beautiful light display are from October to March.

This is a country of Fjords

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This Nordic country encompasses a wide range of physical ranges– from mountains, glaciers, and rich bodies of water. The expansiveness of its natural beauty is the reason why the country is visited by so many but one of its unique natural possessions are its deep coastal fjords. Fjords are long and narrow body of water or a “lake drain” with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier. Some of the most gorgeous Fjords in Norway that you can visit are the Geiranger fjord and Sunnylvsfjorden fjord near Geiranger village in western Norway.

Viyahe tip: To see the majestic Fjords in person, head on to There’s a Fjord Cruise for the perfect viewing of Fjords. Meanwhile, the “Heritage fjord safari and Viking Dinner” offers are more adventurous time wherein you can truly get close with nature and intimate with the small villages in the Fjord area.

This is also the home of the Vikings

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Alongside Sweden and Denmark, Norway is one of the countries occupied by the Vikings during that era. Today, their history is still strongly alive through the thoroughly preserved 9th-century Viking ships that are displayed at capital city Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. The Viking Ship Museum houses 3 longships: the Oseberg ship, the Gokstad ship, and the Tune ship. One of the most fascinating things about these longships is their strength as it can survive ocean crossings while in only 20 inches of water which means they can navigate even very shallow waters. The museum also features the craftsmanship by the found items inside the ship such as everyday items to religious artifacts.

Viyahe tip: When viewing these longships, make sure to go on the viewing platforms where you will get a higher and better view of the enormous Viking ships. It is much better to see them from a higher perspective.