Viyahe's Guide to Early Holiday Shopping in Europe

What's more fun than doing your holiday shopping? Doing early holiday shopping, of course!

To be able to go around and purchase at a leisurely pace is just divine. We all know how hectic that time of the month may be. It's no fun when most of your shopping time is spent waiting on lines. There's also the horror of finding out your ideal gift items are sold out. So why wait for the holidays to come when you can do your shopping as early as now?

Europe has fashionable and interesting finds when it comes to doing your holiday shopping. There are also markets open before December. That way, you can finish your gift list before the holidays are up. Here's a list of places in Europe that can help with your early holiday shopping needs.


Paris is known as the Fashion Capital of the World. So if you're looking to gift your loved ones some really chic outfits, it's Paris you go to.

Passage du Havre, Paris (Photo Credit:

Head on to Passage du Havre where over 40 shops are available for you to look at. They carry big names in the fashion industry such as Zara and H&M. If you're into makeup, there's Séphora and Bourjois located inside. For the tech enthusiasts, head on to Fnacand check out their latest gadgets.

If shopping arcades aren't to your liking, there's the Christmas Market at La Défense. The market begins this year on November 23. Stalls line up the market that range from unique trinkets to souvenirs. You might even find all you need that fits your holiday budget.

Viyahe recommends: Making your own perfume at Studio des Parfums! They're known to have the best scents and a bottle of it as a gift is luxuriously unique. What makes a gift more touching than to have taken part in making it?


Take a trip to Vienna's 1st district where you'll find the Goldenes Quartier. It's a luxury shopping district that houses designer labels such as Emporio Armani, Prada and Valentino. The area is located between Am Hof and Tuchlauben and is quite popular for those looking into big brands. Near the area is Leiderleitner Home. Here you can buy gifts and other home accessories in mind.

Christkindlmarkt, Rathausplatz, Vienna (Photo Credit:

For a more holiday vibe, check out Christkindlmarkt on the Rathausplatz. This market opens around November and is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Vienna. It's a beautiful and festive market, especially at night. Do come early though for the crowd tends to thicken by then.

Artisinal chocolates in Christmas markets, Vienna (Photo Credit:

Viyahe recommends: Gifting artisanal chocolates, which are quite popular during the holidays. Christmas markets sell them in pretty boxes as gifts. Be sure to ask for the expiry date if you're looking into keeping it with you for a while.


Kurfürstendamm, Berlin (Photo Credit:

Head to Kurfürstendamm, or Ku'damm as the locals call it. It's one of the biggest and longest shopping strips in Berlin. Boutiques and international brands line up the place. It even has two big theaters in case you're in the area for some entertainment as well.

KaDeWe, Wittenbergplatz, Berlin (Photo Credit:

Visit KaDeWe as you walk through Wittenbergplatz. It's the most popular department store in the Kurfürstendamm Boulevard. It has everything from fashion to makeup and jewelry. There's also a food hall should you wish to take a break from all your shopping.

Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (Photo Credit:

Berlin craft beers

The Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin is also a must-visit. Several craft stores can be found in this market such as belt makers and wood carvers. There are also several souvenirs and artistic items for sale. The market opens on November 26. It's a little late for your early holiday shopping but still worth a visit.

Viyahe recommends: Getting a crate of different kinds of Berlin beers. Choose from 11 bottles in a crate or 20 bottles. Buy these at supermarkets and choose which ones you like before packing them off.


Holiday shopping in Brussels (Photo Credit:

If it's an art piece you're looking for, then Brussels is the place to go. This city is known for their art and it's ideal to gift them as souvenirs or holiday presents to your loved ones.

Jeu de Balle Flea Market, Brussels (Photo Credit:

Shop at the Jeu de Balle Flea Market where you'll find artsy antiques. It's open all year round and as early as 6 am. There are paintings, old vinyl records, and vintage clothes. Don't miss a stand for you might just find that rare book you've been looking for.

Viyahe recommends: Gifting your friends and family a painting. Visit Magritte Gallery for some of René Magritte's artworks. L'Empire des Lumières is a popular piece that served as an inspiration to the movie ‘The Exorcist.' High quality paintings of this piece are available in the gallery.