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Exploring Asian street food is like immersing yourself right into their culture and tradition. You get to take (or taste) a glimpse of what it is like to be a local for a day, which is a good reason to not miss this opportunity when you travel abroad. And the best part? You can have street food anywhere you go.

We at Viyahe picked out a selection of one-of-a-kind Asian street food that you should try at least once in your life:

Hu Jiao Bing or Black Pepper Buns

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Black Pepper Buns are the star of the streets in Taiwan especially in Raohe night market as people line up for these delicious goodies. These buns contain black peppered pork or beef mixed with scallions, sugar and soy sauce and then baked against the walls of a vertical oven. Sink your teeth into that crispy, toasted bun, taste the unique mixture of flavors from its various fillings, and find yourself asking for another one.

Viyahe tip: Fu Zhou Shi Zu sells the best black pepper buns in Taiwan. Find them easily in Raohe night market right in front of Ci You Temple.

Taiwan’s Bubble Tea

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Well, you guessed it: with its popularity around the world, It only makes sense that this street food will make it into our list. And what better way to appreciate bubble tea than to taste the original version?

The famous Bubble or Boba tea is a must try when you visit Taiwan. A tea-based drink that is mixed with a wide range of milk or other creamy flavorings is what makes Boba an absolute treat for everyone. Go crazy when selecting your toppings as there are plenty to choose from such as chewy black tapioca balls, creamy custard, sweet grass jelly or fresh honey dew.

Viyahe tip: Get your Bubble tea fix from Chun Shui Tang, the place where this creative drink is said to originate from. This milk tea shop is easy to spot because there are plenty of branches all over Taiwan especially in the Northern area.

Tanghulu Candied Haws

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Made up of skewered Chinese hawthorn dipped into a boiling pot of sugar syrup, Tanghulu or Candied haws has been one of China’s favorite street food for years. The burst of flavors from the sweet hardened sugar that covers the sour tasting Chinese hawthorns will most likely have you order another stick.

Viyahe tip: Innovation and creativity has taken over the preparation of this snack, so you can pick a different fruit as a substitute for hawthorn and even add cream fillings in some.

Ban Mian

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Get ready to be introduced to a whole new world of noodles when you take a trip to China. As one of the countries that introduced noodle dishes, ban mian is one of the famous street foods which you ought to try. Both traditional and inventive, have these handmade noodles either served with soup and then topped with vegetables, anchovies and fish or meat, or topped with the sauce, stir fried together with your chosen ingredients.

Viyahe tip: Since ban mian is considered as a healthy option for food, eat as many bowls as you can!


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Soondae or Blood sausage is a Korean delicacy that you must try when you visit South Korea. Each region has spiced up their own version, so expect a wide range of soondaes that you can choose from. However, generic ones are made from steamed intestines of cows or pigs, stuffed with various ingredients such as sesame leaves, green onions, bean sprouts, mung bean noodles and more. It might look and sound appalling at first, but the chewiness and the unique taste of blood can be quite addicting.

Viyahe tip: Enjoy this flavorful and unique snack with a bottle (or two) of beer. You’re welcome.


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What’s a trip to Japan if you’re not going to try the authentic takoyaki? These Japanese snacks are made of fried batter, a bit of octopus and some vegetables, such as pickled ginger and spring onion. A lot of variants have surfaced as people in different countries have become creative. We bet, though, you’d fall in love with any flavor there is.

Viyahe tip: Since these goodies are served right off the iron molded plate, wait for at least three minutes to enjoy these treats to the fullest!

Mango Sticky Rice

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You’d be missing out on a lot if you don’t include trying this snack in your itinerary. A treat that blends the sweetness of the rice with milk together with the natural flavors of mango? Count us in!

Viyahe tip: Better visit the tropical country during summer as Mangoes are in season by that time to catch and eat this tasteful snack anywhere in Thailand.