Canceled flights, travel bans, and now a lockdown? We understand how hard it is to miss out on your adventures due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The good thing is that you are keeping yourself and others safe by staying at home. And don’t worry, just because you have to stay at home for quarantine, that doesn’t mean you can’t ignite your wanderlust. Our solution: turn your quarantine into a staycation! Read below to know exactly how.

Redecorate your place


Transform your space into a vacation home. Think of where you want to be right now. If it’s the beach, perhaps you can give your living room a cabana makeover by bringing in some tropical plants, woven baskets or decor, and replacing your throw pillowcases with hibiscus printed ones. Or if you’re dreaming of Paris, maybe you can redecorate your bedroom with a photo of the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe, change your curtains with fleur-de-lis drapes, and light up that Diptyque candle you received last Christmas. You can also transform your backyard into a Balinese garden by adding outdoor lamps and a tabletop bamboo fountain.

The possibilities are endless! Just change the orientation of your furniture, add new design elements, and set the mood with lights and scents. Check out Pinterest for more home design ideas.

Cook up international dishes


Still thinking of that scrumptious chili crab from Singapore, or that flavorful paella you had in Madrid? Remake those dishes at home! You can even set themed dinner parties for the family, and they can dress up for the occasion. Try Indian on Monday, Tacos, or Mexican on Tuesday, Italian on Wednesday, Thai on Thursday, Cheese Fondue on Friday, Soul Food on Saturday, and so on. Well, you get the idea.

For cooking guides, go to and Tasty on YouTube.

Watch travel documentaries


Want to know how professional travelers explore the world? Watch some travel documentaries on Netflix, YouTube, or even on cable networks. These documentaries not only transport you around the world from your couch, but will also help you map out your itinerary, know where to eat and stay, and get insider tips from locals, so you can better prepare for your next grand vacation.

For more intuitive travel guides, check out Globe Trekker by Lonely Planet, Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, and Rick Steve’s Europe by PBS. Or if you’re looking for a food-centric trip journal, watch Travel The World With David Chang and Ugly Delicious on Netflix.

Learn a foreign language or two


Feel like a local in your dream destination by learning their language. If you have plans to visit Rio de Janeiro, then get fluent in Portuguese. Or if it’s a backpacking trip in South America, better sharpen that Espanyol.

Just imagine how impressed your friends will be when you can order and haggle in Afrikaans, Japanese, or Mandarin for their benefit. Not to mention, being multilingual looks good on your CV, and you can watch foreign films without the subtitles. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your favorite K-Drama series sans the inaccurate translation?

To kickstart your foreign language lessons online, try Rosetta Stone and Duolingo.

Watch tourist spots on live cam


If you’re missing the outside world, know that you can still travel to popular tourist destinations through your device. Yes, you can see historic landmarks in real-time, like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and the Ancient Acropolis in Athens. Simply visit Skyline Webcams to access breathtaking sites on demand.

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