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Almost everyone dread being in a long haul flight: doing nothing but sit and attempt to doze off. We, think of it, though, as a blessing in disguise.

While you dread getting stuck in a metal tube for hours, take a look at the bright side. You get to have that much free time to rest, and you can also be productive or entertained depending on your condition and preferences during the flight. That’s why we at Viyahe have prepared some tips on how maximize your long haul flight.

Stay hydrated.

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Did you know that in a 10-hour flight, you lose about 4% of your bodily fluids? Since it’s a controlled environment, there’s going to be a lack of humidity inside the cabin. Have your water bottles ready before flying so you don’t have to ask a flight attendant repeatedly about refilling your small cup when you get extra thirsty.

Viyahe tip: Make sure that after checking in your baggage, your bottle is not filled with water anymore because the security will ask you to empty it before you go through the x-ray scanners. Buying from the stores near the gates is also an option if you forget to bring one.

Wear comfortable clothes.

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Flying in business class may urge you to wear a business attire, but it is a no-brainer for frequent travelers to pack extra clothes. Bringing cozy pajamas or a trusty hoodie and track pants will help you fall asleep in no time. Remember that you will most likely crease your blazer, polo or blouse for being stuck to a seat for more than 10 hours.

Viyahe tip: Since stuffing your carry on luggage is a no-no, use vacuum bags to avoid bulking up and to save space.

Get up and stretch.

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Get your body moving from time to time! Walk towards the back of the plane. Do some stretches while waiting for your turn to use the lavatory. If you do not feel like walking, do some simple rotation exercises instead while sitting. This reduces the chances of developing blood clots in a person’s vein, also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Viyahe tip: Pack a pair of compression socks. This will prevent swelling and pooling of blood in your legs.

Stay clean, fresh and moisturized.

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Some airlines may provide you with an amenity kit but it is always best to be prepared with your own. This will be your best friend for the next few hours as it will help you keep and feel fresh during the flight and before getting off the plane.

Viyahe tip: Don’t forget to use your favorite moisturizing spray and skin salve to keep you moisturized.

Opt for podcasts instead of movies.

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Built-in flight entertainment system can definitely keep you occupied when the sandman is nowhere to be found. Catching up on movies you have missed or rewatching your favorite series sound like a good idea until you realize that it’s way past your bedtime and you are now more prone to jet lag.

Download lots of podcasts at home and listen to them during your flight to easily doze off to sleep. A lot of travelers prefer listening to podcasts rather than music due as they are more calming and soothing.

Viyahe tip: There are plenty of podcasts available to download on the Internet. Just find some that you would like to listen to or help you relax.

Choose flights wisely.

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Your body clock is one of the things that you usually worry about when switching time zones. Pick a flight where it will be morning when you finally arrive to your destination. This will help your body adjust to your new time zone.

Viyahe tip: Download the Viyahe app and let our travel assistants help you get the perfect flight!