Viyahe's Guide to a Family Vacation in the Bahamas

Going on a trip with the family should be fun, exciting and filled with new things to learn. Luckily, you don't need to look for such a place any further. A family vacation in the Bahamas covers it all.

With its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, the Bahamas is known as the ultimate travel destination. It also has a rich history filled with pirates, explorers and traders that both the young and old would definitely find interesting. With more than 700 islands, you can bet there is always something to explore and lots of sights to see. Below is a guide on what you and the rest of the crew can do when visiting this beautiful state known as the Bahamas.

What to Do

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Being a popular tourist destination, you can already expect that there are lots of activities to do. Most of them are water activities since the Bahamas is known for their beaches. But there are historical tours one should take to appreciate the islands better and it is recommended to start off with those first.

Visit the Pirates of Nassau

Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Pirates of Nassau (Photo Credit:

The Pirates of Nassau is a wax museum that tells of the history of the Bahamas during the time when pirates used to be common. Their weaponry and how they lived their lives in their ships are just among the things you can learn in this museum. There are informative displays and dramatic recreations for guests to be entertained. A guided tour takes 30 minutes and is ideal for those with a hectic schedule.

Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Pirates of Nassau (Photo Credit:

Drop by the Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum is also a nice place to stop by and learn of the days of Christopher Columbus through the many collections displayed. Some collections also include the life and times during the slave and plantation era. These real-life stories have made what the Bahamas is today.

Be one with the sea

Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Heritage Museum at Graycliff (Photo Credit:

For activities, swimming with the dolphins is a must-try! Head over to Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis, Paradise Island where you can swim with these lovable marine mammals. You can also just dip your feet in the water with a dolphin trainer and feed them if you're nervous about swimming with them first. Other activities include kayaking and paddleboarding with the dolphins, play with sea lions or even interact with stingrays.

One shouldn't be able to miss island hopping around the Bahamas. The Out Islands is where most of the scenery is. Island hop to Exuma Island and Abaco Island for the infamous swimming pigs. Stop by Harbour Island for the Pink Sands Beach. Tours must be booked ahead of time. For an even amazing experience, island hop the Out Islands by plane as this gives you a bird's eye view of the islands' landscapes.

Viyahe tip: If you're there for the Christmas and New Year holidays, don't forget to catch the Junkanoo Festival. It happens every December 26 and January 1. The festival happens around the different islands but the largest parade is in the capital, Nassau, New Providence. Streets are filled with music and dance so join in the fun while you're there.

Where to Stay

There are so many accommodations to choose from in the Bahamas. Hotels and resorts line the beautiful paradise island. But if there is one resort that will surely make your stay memorable, it's...


Atlantis is the biggest resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Not only is it a place to stay but Atlantis has a waterpark, a casino, aquarium, several shopping and dining choices, and numerous recreational activities for their guests. The dolphin experience mentioned above can be found here.

There are more than 2,300 rooms at the Atlantis. It's so big that people have dubbed it as a Las Vegas resort.

If you're willing to spend more, Atlantis is a great experience for you. But if you're on a budget, it can be quite a challenge. Don't fret. There are other hotels and inns available for you and are friendly on your wallets.

What to Eat


Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Seafood (Photo Credit:

The Bahamas is known for their abundant seafood, especially conch. You can either have your seafood fried, steamed, filled with spices or even raw. The choices are unlimited and they'll all taste fresh and delicious.

Sample their rum

Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Bahama Mama (Photo Credit:

Order a Bahama Mama which is rum, coffee liqueur, lemon and pineapple juice. It's a popular drink all over the islands.

For dessert, try out their rum cakes. Head to the Bahamas Rum Cake Factory for a box or two.

What to Bring Home

Aside from photographs, there are many souvenirs from the Bahamas you can bring home to remind you of your wonderful stay.

Bring home a beautiful handmade batik. The patterns are reminiscent of Andros Island such as corals and seahorses.

Handcrafted wood carvings are also an ideal souvenir. Most wood carvings sold are of animal and marine wildlife and can make a nice centerpiece in your own home as a reminder of your trip.

Family Vacation in the Bahamas: Bahamas Jam (Photo Credit:

Buy a bottle of jam to have as snacks. Several flavors of jams and jellies such as guava and pineapple make a delicious pair with cookies and breads.

Don't forget to bring home some rum! Buy a few bottles to take home and share with the rest of your family.