As Fall foliage begins to adorn every American neighborhood and pumpkin spice lattes fill the chilly air, we are reminded about Thanksgiving. Understandably, celebrations and reunions were mostly canceled last 2020 but with more people getting fully vaccinated, the hope of coming home to loved ones reignites. Or for those who choose to skip seeing family—going on vacation seems exciting and doable again. But before you start booking a trip or inviting family and friends, know that there is a lot to consider about Fall 2021 travels. To guide you on your Thanksgiving trip, our Viyahe travel experts weigh in.

Be Cautious & Follow CDC Guidelines

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Let’s not forget that the pandemic is still not over. In other states and cities, the Delta variant is still on the rise. As a safety measure, the Center for Disease Control advises people to travel only if they are fully vaccinated. If not, people should get a Covid test at least 3 days before a scheduled trip and then get tested again 3 to 5 days after the trip. This measure is advised for both land and air travelers. Yes, even if you are just driving your family van, you are recommended to either get tested or be fully vaccinated. The CDC also recommends travelers to self-quarantine for 7 days after their trip.

If you’re meeting with friends and family, agree on practicing physical distance or wearing face masks whenever necessary. You may also assign a server for the dinner buffet instead of passing on platters. If possible, plan a contactless (or at least minimal contact) kind of gathering, especially if there are unvaccinated persons in your group.

Plan Ahead

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If you think you can still score low airfares or hotel deals by the last minute like 2020, think again. Airlines and major hotel chains reported that they have been receiving bookings for the holidays since last summer. So, to make that trip on the fourth Thursday of November, you better start booking your trip now. Click here if you want to chat with a Viyahe travel assistant about ongoing airfare and accommodation deals on the app.

Book Flexible Flights & Hotels Only

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The third tip from our experts is to book flights and accommodations with a flexible policy on refund, rebooking, and cancellations. Anything can happen in this pandemic even if life seems to go back to normal. Another probable cause for a trip disruption is the influx of travelers going in and out of airports and tourist destinations—chances are establishments will get overbooked and unfortunate vacationers will be forced to give up their slots. At least with flexible booking, you’ll get your money back. And if things get wrong (heavens forbid!), your Viyahe travel assistant is ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

Consider Travel Insurance

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As mentioned, anything can happen these days. For flight cancellations, health emergencies, or lost items, having travel insurance can lessen your stress from trip disruptions. There are plenty of insurance options available these days, there are plans that cover 1 week of vacation or a month-long, there are even annual plans that are suitable for frequent travelers. Plus, some of the plans can cover an entire family with only 2 adults paying. If you’re interested in getting insurance for your travels, plans are available on the Viyahe app as low as USD 55.

Reconsider Travel with Kids or Seniors

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If you’re traveling to visit grandma or taking kids with you, be very cautious of your family’s movements. Since kids are back at school again, they are at risk of getting and transmitting the virus. Even though vaccines for children are already in the works, it is most likely that your little one will not get the jab by Thanksgiving. As for the senior folks, they may be immunocompromised, so it’s best to have them stay at home.

Need help planning your Fall travels? Simply chat with our live travel assistants to get expert help on every travel need. Plus, deals on flights and accommodations are waiting for you on the Viyahe app!