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Vacationing abroad or even somewhere local is truly one of the best ways to enjoy life. Holiday-goers escape to marvel upon varying sceneries, experience different cultures, and taste exciting new flavors on their personal time off from the mundane. While all escapades sound thrilling, there is another way to vacation without going too far from home—a staycation.

The “textbook” definition of staycation refers to a type of vacation wherein a person stays at home or somewhere nearby for a couple of days off. In the past decade, staycation has become almost like an art form in which vacationers create a calming space for them to recuperate from stress. Booking hotels, bed and breakfasts, and apartment stays are common in a staycation. While some travels require exhaustive planning and detailed itineraries, staycation does the opposite. All you need to do is to find your cocoon and chill for a day or more.

Need more insights or info on how to enjoy a staycation? Keep reading and get tips from our staycation 101!

Know what relaxes you and what you want to do

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The goal of every staycation is to help you refresh. That said, going back to doing some hobbies and activities that you love is a great way to spend your personal time off. This could be cooking or eating at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps, it’s a much-needed massage, watching TV series, reading a novel, or just lounging by the pool. List as many activities you would like to do and then determine the ideal staycation spot that may accommodate these activities.

Book the perfect inn, apartment stay, or hotel nearby

Choose your staycation cocoon with your main activity in mind. For example, you want to cook a meal for yourself, then perhaps it’s better to book an apartment stay with a kitchen than a hotel. Or if you just want to binge-watch and stay in bed, then a hotel with room service will make your staycation even more pleasurable—not to mention, it’s an upgrade from your usual tv habit at home.

Another thing that must be considered is the comfortability of your staycation room or apartment. Choose a stay that looks relaxing, is designed with good functionality, and of course, has great reviews from previous guests.

Leave work at home

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Don’t dare to sneak in some work or meeting during your staycation. If it helps, better leave your work laptop at home. Treat your staycation as a retreat wherein you are completely signed out or even off the grid. That’s why we recommend you to do some leisurely activities on your time off—even if it’s just having a bubble bath or taking unlimited naps!

Go out for the night

Make the most of your stay in the city by exploring local spots in the evening. Grab dinner at a chic restaurant or sip on some cocktails at a rooftop bar. It is also nice to stroll around scenic spots or visit a night market if you have one in your city.

Spoil yourself

Since you are saving money from airfare and other transportation expenses, why not splurge on some simple luxuries to complete your staycation? If you are staying at a hotel, order room service or book a session at the spa. Or if you will be staying at an apartment, bring in some scented candles and a bottle of bubbly to sweeten your stay.

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