Single and feeling trapped in your own city now that Valentine’s Day is coming? We totally get you. We know what it’s like to be solo on the cheesiest day of the year. Flowers and chocolates flood your workplace, but none of them are yours. Wherever you go, everyone seems to be all coupled up. It sucks, to say the least.

So, why not escape all of the mushy mess this year and reward yourself with an unromantic weekend? To help you get started, here’s our Guide to An Awesome Anti-Valentine’s Getaway.

Choose an unromantic destination

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Spend the weekend (or even longer) to somewhere far and unromantic. For this unique trip, we are thinking of tragic yet exciting places to visit, like Hashima Island in Japan and Chernobyl, Ukraine. Both are ghost towns, and yet tourists still flock to learn about the catastrophic events that brought these cities to their current eerie state. Hashima had a dark history of forced laborers during the Second World War, while Chernobyl is known for its 1986 nuclear meltdown. Think these destinations are too depressing? Well, Hashima is now inhabited by cute bunnies, and Chernobyl still has a mysterious forest charm.

Other unromantic destinations are Dubai, where PDA is punishable by law, Zion National Park in Utah, home of Angels Landing, a.k.a. The Most Dangerous Hike in the United States, and the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh.

Or travel to your dream destination

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You don’t need a partner to make it to your fantasy vacation. If you’re looking for an opportunity to see Rome, Paris, Tokyo, or New York, see your dream city now. Life is too short to think that new experiences are only enjoyable when shared with a significant other. Book your travel, go out there, and enjoy your own company.

Travel solo or bring your best bud

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There are a lot of perks when traveling solo, like following your own itinerary, meeting new people, and even getting to know yourself better. But if you don’t feel comfortable wandering alone, tag your best friend along. We’re sure a loyal pal wouldn’t say no to an anti-Valentine’s celebration overseas. Just imagine all the fun you’ll have without a date to impress!

Do what you love or pick up a hobby

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Make your unromantic getaway a time to reinvigorate yourself. Go back to the things that you love doing, like painting or cooking. You can also pick up a new skill or hobby at your destination, like doing pottery, playing another musical instrument, or learning how to surf. Or maybe it’s about time that you finish reading a book. Whatever it is, do it for your own pleasure.

Set a time for pampering

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You can do all sorts of crazy activities on your Anti-Valentine’s Trip but allot a day for pampering. Sure, you’ll encounter couples being cuddly at the spa. But who cares? You deserve your own wellness indulgence.

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