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Visiting the States soon? You better get fully vaccinated or test for COVID-19 weekly to skip hassle in major US cities. In response to the UK and EU countries demanding travel entry in the United States, the Biden administration is working on easing travel restrictions for foreign visitors. Sources say the US government plans to implement a policy to only accept fully vaccinated foreign visitors. In absence of proof of vaccine completion, a negative RT-PCR test result may be presented instead according to insiders.

Another reason to get the vaccine is that some bars and restaurants in the US are now requiring their customers to present proof of vaccination to dine in. A group of upscale restaurants in Manhattan, New York have started checking “vaccine passports” before accommodating diners. And about 300 bars in San Francisco require their employees to get vaccinated and only accept fully vaccinated customers to drink inside their establishments. Alternatives to the vaccine pass are a negative COVID-19 test result and a certificate of recovery from the virus.

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