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One of the things that you usually worry about when going away for the holidays with your family is that no one is around to keep an eye on the house and other belongings. It’s tough to leave the house considering that theft is widespread these days. But since everyone is on a break, it is inevitable for families to go overseas and spend the holidays together.

Travel at ease with your family this coming holiday season! Here are some tips to follow before leaving your home.

Halt any delivery services

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Make sure that when you leave your home unattended for weeks, no parcels will be delivered to your doorstep. Once these packages get piled up on the porch, it would instantly reveal to outsiders that no one is around to bring them inside.

Viyahe tip: Have someone receive your packages instead. Sometimes, halting delivery services is not possible due to the influx of packages getting delivered for the holidays. A trusted nearby neighbor is always good choice for this, and a convenient one, too, once you arrive home.

Install timers for lights

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Finding the perfect light timers for your home will not be so much of a hassle if this will prevent thieves from breaking into your house. If the lights in your house turn on at the right time, burglars will be cautioned and instead find another target.

Viyahe tip: Should you decide on going away for the holidays last minute and are not able to install these tyimers anymore, leave a spare key with your trusted friend or neighbor and have them open the lights for you.

Unplug everything

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To avoid any accident involving short circuits, it’s best to turn off and unplug any appliance that does not have anything to do with keeping your home safe. These devices include television sets, air conditioning units, induction stove and the like. Refrigerators and heaters, however, must remain plugged. You would not want food spoilage and freezing homes when you get back from your trip.

Viyahe tip: Double check rooms for plugged devices or turn it off from the main switch. Just make sure to turn off the right ones!

Invest in a good safe

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When you leave, you will need a place to store your portable gadgets, important documents and other valuables that you will not bring to the trip. Leaving them scattered around the house will make it easy to spot by the outsiders and seem like you are inviting them to raid your house. No matter how safe your village may be, it’s still better to be safe than sorry!

Viyahe tip: Do research before purchasing! A lot of factors should be considered before buying one. Weigh PROs and CONs, pool options and check out different models before choosing what you think is the best option for your home.

Install home automation

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Lessen your worries even more when you leave your house. Install a home automation that turns your home into a “smart” one. This will enable you to control almost everything inside the house. Control everything from the lighting to the house’s alarm system using your phone. It’s basically the answer to all of your worries when going away for the holidays.

Viyahe tip: Be a smart buyer because the safety of your house is dependent on that. When selecting a home system, make sure that it;s compatible to your home, your family members and especially your gadgets.