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One of the most exciting things about travelling is getting to explore the airports. And believe it or not, the top airports in Asia no longer have just the simple snack bars and decent boarding gates one usually expects. There are world-class entertainment facilities, relaxing gate seating, and the best customer service you can imagine.

Dozens of airports in Asia are culturally filled and downright beautiful. We’ve narrowed it down to five of the top airports in Asia that will make your trip, or even just your stopover, worthwhile:

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan)

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Located in: Taiwan
Shown on your ticket as: TPE

Taiwan’s largest airport is known to have the best immigration service and we all know how important that is to a frequent-flyer. Taouyuan International Airport treat passengers as their guests, making their visit just as entertaining as checking in to a hotel or a museum.

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The airport is also well known for their artistic waiting lounges ranging from a showcase of the country’s food and culture to a Hello Kitty-themed one. Guests of all ages can enjoy the facilities in Taoyuan Airport, which includes Kung-Fu massages, showers, free Wi-Fi, and even an e-library.

What’s new: Dine at Du Hsiao Yueh (or commonly known as Noodle 1895) for some authentic Taiwanese cuisine. They’re open from 10 am to 10 pm and serve really good noodle bowls with flavorful broths.

But just in case you’re around a later time, Taoyuan Airport now caters 24/7 dining options around the terminal for a more filling food experience.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

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Located in: Japan
Shown on your ticket as: HND

Airports in Asia and around the globe are usually located far away from the main city. This makes every passenger allot certain travel times when they’re traveling to and from the airport. However, Haneda International Airport is just a few minutes away from Tokyo, which is why most travelers prefer entering and exiting the country through this air terminal.

Haneda Airport may cater to more domestic flights but in the recent years, it has accepted international flights as well. The airport does not lack in featuring its cultural interior as it displays a wooden replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge. Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, a pet hotel, duty free shopping and temporary luggage storage.

What’s new: Check out the airport’s passenger terminal where their Sky Hall sits on the 4th floor. It’s a multipurpose hall where events are held and is open to the general public. The passenger terminal also has shops where unique Japanese souvenirs can be bought. There’s also an anime goods shops located inside. (Fancy a bowl of ramen? Japan has plenty! Check out the many different types using our guide.)

Hong Kong International Airport

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Located in: Hong Kong
Shown on your ticket as: HKG

A hubbub of passengers, traveling for leisure and business, Hong Kong International Airport is indeed Asia’s busiest. This airport in Asia is a well-known stopover destination as well. But despite the large crowd coming in and out of this airport, it’s still one of the most relaxing and entertaining air terminals in Asia. Aside from the usual facilities of free internet and comfortable lounging chairs, they have arts and culture exhibitions, various shopping and dining experiences, and the largest IMAX in the country to entertain you during your long layovers.

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What’s new: Make sure that the kids aren’t bored during long layovers. Bring them to the Dream Come True Education Park! It introduces the different working environments where kids can join in role-playing activities such as being a firefighter, flight attendant, pilot and many more. Though it may be for kids, parents can join them or adults can also explore the rest of the theme park that features other educational attractions.

Incheon International Airport

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Located in: South Korea
Shown on your ticket as: ICN

Whether it’s comfort you’re after or a stopover filled with activities, Seoul Incheon International Airport has them all. This airport is huge, with an ice skating rink located inside where passengers can have fun while waiting for their flights, and a Korean Cultural Street where tourists can learn about Korea’s history.

Facilities also include day tours if you have long layovers, delectable Korean food selections, free private showers, free Wi-Fi and a lot more. For the K-Pop fans, hang around the airport a little while. You might spot your favorite oppa or girl group in the crowd.

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What’s new: Try the ever-popular Shake Shack that opened this 2018 in the new terminal. But if you’re not up to some burgers, you can be sure to find more traditional Korean food inside.

Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

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Singapore’s Changi Airport has every reason to be called the best of the best airports in Asia. Both tourist and locals agree that this beautifully structured air terminal has everything you need.

The airport has a garden, a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, a koi pond, and a butterfly garden. Changi also boasts of an entertainment deck where a movie theater is located for your viewing pleasure. It also has Xbox and Kinect stations for those who want to fun playing. Check out their free city tour available for transit passengers. (Don’t forget to pre-register, though!) But if you’d rather rest than explore, Singapore Changi Airport promises you comfortable lounging areas and spas accessible anytime you need that relaxing massage.

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What’s new: The airport’s newest terminal, T4, has an interesting array of chairs. The couches and seats brighten up the airport but also provide a super relaxing spot for you to chill. Explore the rest of T4 and catch their newest production, the Peranakan Love Story.

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