The Growing World of Wellness Travel

January 14, 2022
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People travel for different reasons. Some fly to big cities for important business trips, others go on road trips to explore the countryside, most people venture out internationally to experience different cultures and exciting destinations, and then there are some who travel solely for the sake of health and wellness.

Wellness tourism is a growing industry that soared in the past decade and is now at an estimated worth of $4.5 trillion (US) globally. According to Global Wellness Institute, this type of travel is described as the pursuit of “maintaining or enhancing one’s personal well-being,” which entails the following in every trip: executive checkup, physical and psychological rehabilitation, nutrition, workout with a personal trainer, meditation retreat, dermatological and cosmetic treatments, colon-cleansing, an acupuncture session, chiropractic session, and other services that promote healthier mind and body.

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Most wellness institutions are hotels, resorts, spas, retreat centers, and even rehabilitation centers. Think of a wellness tourist’s journey this way—you arrive at an isolated oceanside resort-like facility and stay there for a week, you get a diet plan designed by a nutritionist, you get a health checkup with a physician, they prescribe you treatments and/or alternative medications, you join a yoga class every afternoon, then you get to speak to a therapist or a counselor as you collect your thoughts by the end of the week, and then you go home feeling refreshed and renewed. Now, doesn’t that sound more delightful than your average touristy vacation? This is why wellness tourism is gaining popularity over the years—not just among celebrities and the mega-rich, but also among working professionals, especially millennial travelers. And perhaps, a wellness trip is just what you need this 2022.

Wellness establishments thrived during the pandemic as clients flocked to their clinics and spas to boost their immune systems and improve their overall health. Even with the global lockdown, most wellness facilities were able to remain open with the presence of their medical professionals who are treating conscious health-seekers.

With the current state of our global health and more and more people becoming more conscious of their well-being, wellness tourism is surely here to stay.

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