As the rest of the world slowly reopens global tourism, we understand why you may still have some hesitations to book that trip you’ve been dreaming of for the past months. Your body and mind know that you deserve that week off on the beach, and your schedule may even permit a weekend hotel staycation. But still, there is a part of you that couldn’t leave your home due to fears of this pandemic. To help you overcome your travel trauma, here are five steps that will help revive your inner traveler.

#1 Know COVID-19 facts


Keep in mind that the virus that causes the disease is transmitted through droplets from an infected person who coughed, sneezed, or even exhaled. One can be infected by breathing in the virus when in close proximity with the infected person, or even touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Transmission of COVID-19 disease isn’t airborne.

#2 Prioritize safety


The general rule to prevent getting infected is to quarantine and isolate. But if you are going out or ready to travel, it is best to avoid crowded areas, skip dining at indoor restaurants, wear facemask in public, and keep the body healthy. Frequent handwashing and practicing excellent hygiene are a must.

When flying, booking premium economy or business class is recommended so the passenger can practice social distancing on board. Unfortunately, not all airlines abide by the recommended one-seat-apart arrangement—especially with economy cabin class. If you happen to book an economy class seat and see more available seats on the plane, you may ask the cabin crew to take one of these open seats.

Driving is also a safer option if you hope to take a mini-vacation nearby. And for accommodations, we recommend booking establishments that have been certified safe and hygienic for the new normal.

#3 Take small steps


It’s okay that you don’t feel comfortable to take a grand vacation yet. While you are still getting over your trauma from trip cancellations and getting stranded abroad months ago, you can take small steps to enjoy the outdoors. You can spend the morning hiking or drive to the countryside. Or perhaps, visiting parts of your neighborhood that you have never been before. These small steps will help you rediscover your love for traveling and adventure. And remember, travel is a state of mind!

#4 Travel somewhere closer


If you would like to gauge your comfortability to travel again, you can start by having a mini-vacation somewhere nearby. Check hotels near your area that are certified to accommodate staycations in this normal. You may also opt for an overnight bed and breakfast in the countryside.

#5 Visit your happy place


There is always a great sense of comfort that is almost therapeutic when revisiting memorable places, such as your family’s favorite campsite or that gorgeous beach resort where you spent your honeymoon. Wherever your happy place may be, consider revisiting to revive your inner traveler.

We hope these few steps gave you valuable insights on how you can travel confidently again. And when you’re finally ready to pack your bags and go, just drop a chat on our app, and we’ll assist you throughout your trip.

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