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Yes, there are cherry blossoms in Europe.

While Japan and South Korea remain to be the top destinations for cherry blossom sightings, a trip to Europe can also prove to be a chance to see them in full bloom. The cotton candy-colored flora delight is adored by tourists all over the world at how majestic it is on the eyes and how gorgeous it is on your Instagram feed. Here are some of the places in Europe to witness one of travel’s loveliest gifts, the cherry blossom.

Champ De Mars in Paris, France

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Paris’ largest greenery, Champ de Mars (Field of Mars), is rife with so much history. In the 18th century, it was once former training ground for the École Militaire where a young Napoleon first learned his warring tactics. It was also where King Louis XVI accepted the French constitution of 1971.

Today, it is best known as the home of the globally recognized Eiffel Tower. But inside this expansive garden is a secret special sighting for visitors to view cherry blossoms. Champ de Mars’ cherry blossoms are not herded together but are rather found randomly and sporadically in its expansive grounds, which give an element of surprise!

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Nearby stop: While Champ De Mars is often visited for the Eiffel Tower, the monument Mur pour la Paix (Wall for Peace) was built here to commemorate war heroes of the past.

Best time to visit: Second half of March to the middle of April

Heerstrasse Street in Bonn, Germany

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In tiny city of Bonn is a place where you can find the most cinematic view of these Japanese blossoms. The Cherry Blossom Avenue is a street comprised of two rows of cherry blossom trees that line the beautiful old cobblestone street. The sight is just breathtakingly cinematic! So much so that it has become one of the most Instagrammed places!

At its best, the cherry blossoms envelope the entire street creating a floral pink ceiling. The entire street is beautiful, but the most photogenic spot in the area is probably at the corner of the Avenue Gustave Eiffel and Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur. The community that you will find here is both welcoming and warm. After the quick walk in Heerstrasse, you can visit many of the wonderful small cafes around the area to unwind.

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Nearby stop: Close to Bonn is Beethoven House, a great stop for music fans.

Best time to visit: March to early May, but cherry blossoms are in full bloom during April

Valle Del Jerte in Extremadura, Spain

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In the province of Cáceres is Valle del Jerte (also called Jerte Valley), the home to nearly two million blossoming cherry trees. It is a full-blown industry for locals as it produces half of Spain’s cherries. Meanwhile, for tourists, it’s a sight for sore eyes! The cherry blossoms here are extra special because unlike the cherry blossoms featured in this article, these ones aren’t pink. As you look out the sprawling mountains of Valle del Jerte, everything is blanketed in snow-like white cherry blossoms.

Aside from the gorgeous view, a visit to the Valle del Jerte gives you a chance to explore the area and partake in activities such as roughing through exciting biking routes, quad biking, horse riding, hiking, fishing and even paragliding! You can also take a quick detour to the expansive Monfragüe National Park is known for its bird-life and its Mediterranean flora.

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Nearby stop: The UNESCO-protected Old Town and its distinctly medieval architecture made its way to the famed television series Game of Thrones as King’s Landing. This a great stop for the show’s fans and for history buffs as well!

Best time to visit: Make sure to time your trip during Primavera y Cerezo en Flor (Spring and Blossom), a lengthy celebration of cultural events in relation to the valley’s rich history in relation to flowers. The festival is held from mid-March to early May.

Meadows Park in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Springtime in Edinburgh is a magical time for visitors as flowers spring out everywhere. Arthur’s Seat is magical with its bright yellow exterior, Leith Walkway is in peak condition for strolling, and Dr. Neil’s Garden becomes the perfect setting to fall in love with. With flowers in full bloom all around, more and more people flock to The Meadows for its glorious cherry blossoms. Since it’s a very large public park, everyone can enjoy it!

The pinkness of the cherry blossoms converge together to create a seeming canopy that shelters the park goers from sun. The place is perfect for anyone looking for a swell time—may it be lounging around, taking a quiet walk, or playing frisbee with your friends, you will feel right at home in The Meadows!

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Nearby stop: The Edinburgh Castle is an iconic Scottish destination not just for its rich history but its grandeur. The castle sits 250 feet above the city, resting on a foundation made of volcanic rock formations made of 70 million year old extinct volcano.

Best time to visit: Springtime in Edinburgh lasts from March to June but it’s best to go during April and May!