One of the worst trip disruptions is getting sick while on vacation. Not only will it affect your itinerary and prevent you from experiencing your destination but getting sick abroad has serious implications for your health and safety. To prevent this trip nightmare, here are 6 ways you can avoid getting sick on your vacation.

Boost your immune system

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Nourish your body by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods. You can boost your immunity by adding Vitamin C rich foods, like citrus and greens, to your diet. You may also take vitamins and supplements to enhance your immune system. We recommend that you start enriching your diet a month and taking food supplements before your scheduled trip; this way you may avoid getting sick before your departure—which is important in this pandemic.

Get enough sleep

We know how vacationers get too excited to try different things and fit lots of activities in their itinerary but sacrificing a good night’s rest would be a mistake. Medical experts say that sleep deprivation weakens the immune system causing a person to be more vulnerable to infection and diseases. So, after a tiring day tour, make sure to get a good night’s rest or even nap in between activities.

Exercise regularly

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While it is very tempting to just eat, drink, and be merry at your vacation, you should still set aside time to exercise. Working out your muscles and doing a cardio activity go a long way to keep the body healthy and strong. Plus, exercising regularly can help prevent injuries on vacation as you have already conditioned your body to withstand strenuous activities.

Practice good hygiene

With or without a global pandemic, regular handwashing and good hygiene must be always observed. Make sure to pack hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, clean wipes, or even sanitizing spray on your trip. Also, avoid touching your face when you are out and about. And when you return to your hotel, make sure to shower first before you lay on your bed. Being a little germaphobe doesn’t hurt to keep your health on point!

Protect yourself

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While the rest of the world begins to relax their COVID-19 protocols, it still does not hurt to be extra careful in your travels. To avoid risks, you may continue wearing masks when you are out in public or even wear face shields and other protective attire on your flight. And when there are vacant seats at your flight, you may even ask the cabin crew to transfer you to another seat that will seclude you from other passengers. Also, when you are out, try to avoid crowded areas.

Get flu shots or COVID-19 vaccine

Getting vaccinated is still the best way to prevent viral diseases. So, before you venture out for a trip, consult your physician for certain vaccines that you’ll need to protect yourself at your destination. And if you can, please get vaccinated for COVID-19.

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