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What could go wrong if you travel with your beloved for a romantic getaway? Well, it turns out that a lot could happen. Globe-trotting individuals shared with Viyahe their mortifying stories while vacationing with their significant other.

Joy Ride or Cry Ride?

“My wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) and I were touring around Thailand for a week and a half. It was our first trip overseas together. While we were in Phuket, we rented a scooter for a few days to get around the island, which I think added a romantic factor to the trip. We did this for a few days until a local police officer apprehended us for reasons that I don’t know. He asked for my international license, so I gave him my California-issued license, which should be fine. Then he kept asking me a bunch of questions that I can’t understand. Since we both can’t understand each other, in his broken English, he commanded: ‘Okay, you go station!’ I said no and got infuriated. My wife started crying from the fear of being locked up in a foreign country. Good thing, another officer came to the scene, told the other guy to return my license. He did, then they let us go. They probably felt bad for my wife breaking down.”
Bernard, 34

Airport Outage, Passengers Outrage

“One time, my boyfriend and I were stuck in Caticlan airport on LaBoracay weekend. Just before our supposed boarding time, our airline announced that our flight to Manila would be 8 hours delayed. An hour after the announcement, the airport’s power went out for about 5 hours! Just imagine how hot it was in a packed local airport with no drinkable water available. I was so dehydrated, we couldn’t get any help, and security won’t even allow my boyfriend to leave the airport to buy me water. All passengers were infuriated. Some even threatened to sue the airport and their respective airlines. It was wild!”
Rissa, 28

The Plane Truth

“When I realized that I still have an upcoming Cebu trip with my ex, I asked this guy who I was just started going out with if he could take my ex’s ticket. He took the offer, and then I made him a fake ID with my ex’s name. As we were about to board, my heart was beating so fast because I was unsure if the airlines will let him through. They did. But when we were already inside the plane and waiting for takeoff, one of the flight attendants kept announcing my ex’s name and asking to go to the front. My guy friend and I were so nervous, and I asked him not to go and just pretend to be asleep. But for his peace of mind, he decided to go up front and deal with it. It turns out the FA just wanted to see his boarding pass since we only checked in online and didn’t get the boarding pass printed. I swear I could’ve died from a heart attack that day.”
Summer, 30

Room Without A View

“About five years ago, my partner and I were backpacking in Europe. Because I got tired of hostels, I booked a ‘Deluxe Room with City View’ through a deals site. Once we got to the city, I was confused when our cab dropped us off at a pub. I called the front desk, and the next thing I know, staff from the pub greeted us, took our bags, and led us to the back of the establishment, which connects to another hallway. When he opened the door, I was so disappointed that it looked nothing like the photos advertised on the website except for its wallpaper design. The room had two single beds (not even a queen or double bed as I was expecting), there was no view, no window at all, and the bathroom smelled so bad. I was so upset that my partner insisted on covering our stay at a known hotel nearby.”
Hans, 39

In For The Long Haul

“My guy and I had a return flight in the morning after spending New Year’s Eve in Boracay, and so we got up early to catch the first jetty or speedboat to the airport. When we got to the dock, there was already a long queue, and it took hours for us to wait. We missed our flight. And because I didn’t want us to spend 200 dollars or 10,000 pesos each for a return flight, I insisted on taking the alternative—land and sea travel! It took us at least 12 hours or two boats and two buses to reach Manila. Lesson learned: just go to Boracay when it’s off-season.”
Cheena, 31

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