Boracay, the Philippines’ premier beach destination, welcomes travelers back to its pristine shores. And to ensure protection of the island’s guests and establishment workers, the Boracay IATF also strictens implementation of safety measures. So before you step into the powdery white sands and delight in the mesmerizing beach sunset of Boracay, here are the safety measures you should know.

1. Pre-Travel Requirements Prior to arrival, tourists must submit a proof of confirmed booking in a DOT-accredited accommodation establishment, roundtrip air tickets, and negative COVID-19 test result, required documents must be submitted online via and must wait for the approval of the Aklan provincial government. Once a tourist is cleared to travel to the island, he/she will then be issued a unique personal QR code for BIATF monitoring.

**2. Establishments Safety Standards ** Signing of health declaration forms, body temperature check, hand sanitation, wearing protective gear, and physical distancing shall be strictly implemented in all establishments in the island. Also, both guests and establishments are encouraged to use digital technology and contactless payment for transactions.

3. Tourist Transport Protocols “No mask, No boarding” policy is implemented on all local transfers, like speed boats and shuttle services. Physical distancing must be also observed and there will be a limit on the number of passengers to board the vehicle. If passengers exhibit flu-like symptoms, they shall be immediately transported to a healthcare facility or hospital for evaluation.

4. Accommodation and Restaurants Protocols There about 204 hotels and resorts permitted to operate in Boracay. Guests are required to fill out a health declaration form upon accommodation check-in, and log name and contact details on restaurants for contact tracing purposes. Hotels are also encouraged to coordinate with guests to follow safety protocols and to quarantine before their arrival.

Hand-shaking or other forms of contact gesture greeting and receiving guests are not advised. Contactless payment options are encouraged.

All establishment employees are also regularly tested.

5. Boracay Covid Hotline Each DOT-accredited hotel will also have a designated health and safety officer who will call the Boracay Covid Hotline 152 should any of the guests show symptoms of the virus.

Overall, the Department of Tourism is confident that BIATF will ensure safety for guests and workers. Thus, cooperation of guests in following safety measures will be crucial for the success of Boracay’s reopening.

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