Best Food Trip Destinations

May 31, 2022

Traveling just for food is a valid reason for making that long-haul flight abroad. Many travelers would often say that the highlight of their trip is not even the destination sights or any vacation activities they’ve done but the impeccable meal they had! With this in mind, we listed the best travel destinations based on the flavor profiles of sweet, savory, and spicy.


Paris, France

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The capital of Haute desserts. Paris is the place to be to get a bite from the best bakeries and patisseries in the world. In Paris, baking is not only a tradition but an art taken seriously by pastry chefs and master bakers. What to order? Macarons, pain au chocolat, éclair, crème brulee, and crepes.

London, England

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Teatime in London calls for the good company over sweet delights. Countless tea rooms in London serve an exquisite selection of teas accompanied by dainty tea sandwiches, cakes, and other pastries. What to order? Victoria sponge cake, scones with jam and cream, berry cream tart, and trifle.

Taipei, Taiwan

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Home of the global food craze boba or bubble tea, Taipei offers a great variety of this sweet drink at its highest quality. With innovative flavors, such as brown sugar tiger, popping fruit, and salted cream, you’ll never run out of good boba options in Taiwan. Tea shops to try? Gong Cha, Coco, Yi Fang, and Tiger.


Texas, USA

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If you’re looking for a hearty serving of savory goodness, a Texas barbecue will surely satisfy your appetite. Barbecue is a tradition and trade secret to pitmasters in Texas. These succulent meats are prepared with a dry rub but taste incredibly juicy. What to try? Beef brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, and grilled sausage.

Kingston, Jamaica

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Caribbean food is packed with flavors and on top of our list is Jamaican cuisine. Jamaican food has been influenced by its indigenous people and the Caribbean Africans. Jamaicans aren’t shy to use various spices, that is why even its vegetable dishes are unbelievably flavorful. What to eat? Callaloo, Jamaican patty, curry goat, oxtail stew, and run-down stew.

Sydney, Australia

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Meat pies are a staple in Australia. The savory dish in puff pastry may not look much but a bite into it will convince you of its national status. The thin and flaky butter crust of the pies wonderfully contains the flavorful pieces of beef, lamb, and pork. What to order? Pepper steak pie, spicy pork mince pie, and lamb in gravy pie.


Bangkok, Thailand

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If you’re looking for a thrill of spice, perhaps, Thai cuisine can satisfy your spicy craving, Noodles, rice, meats, and veggies peppered in hot chilies can give you a good sweat in Bangkok. If you want to make your curries and meats extra spicy, fresh chopped chilies are readily available for adventurous diners in Thailand. What to order? Red curry, tom yum soup, pad kra pao, spicy papaya salad, and khua kling.

New Delhi, India

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Don’t say curry if you want that steamy spicy stew in India, saying so gives it away that you are an amateur in Indian food. Indian cuisine is rich in aroma, spices, and tangy flavors. Also, keep in mind that dishes vary per region in India, but New Delhi is a great place to begin your gastronomic adventure in India. What to try: Vindaloo, tikka masala, korma, and pakora.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Ethiopian cuisine has been around for centuries, yet this African food remains underrated. An Ethiopian meal is often composed of vegetables and spicy meats laid on a soft glutinous bread called injera. Because of religious dietary restrictions, many Ethiopian dishes are vegetarian and even vegan. The best spicy foods to try are the wat, tibs, kitfo, goreb goreb, and fir fir.

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