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People from Argentina really do love to eat…and this is the reason why traditional Argentine food is tasty and delicious.

Filled with flavors — some sweet, some savory, — dishes like this make people up enjoying every meal. This inspires them to continue this legacy of cooking and preparing good food for their family, friends and for the whole world to enjoy.

Argentine food has a mixture of Italian and Spanish cuisine. Every bite feels like your palate is celebrating from such divine tastes. There are a lot of Argentine food to mention, one as flavorful and appetizing as the next. Here are seven must-try traditional Argentine food one shouldn’t miss when you’re in the country:


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Provoleta is simply grilled cheese. But what is not simple about this appetizer is how deliciously looking and tasting it is.

Grilled barbecue style, a piece of provolone cheese is seasoned on top with oregano and crushed red peppers. As soon as it starts to ooze and brown along the sides, the cheese is served. Paired with bread, chimichurri and a glass of red wine, this appetizer makes for a great introduction on what is about to become a memorable experience with traditional Argentine food.

Provoletas can be cooked at home but does require some bit of experience. A word of caution, try not to let the cheese melt too much or else you’ll find yourself cleaning up the mess on your grill instead of eating it!


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When you’re in Argentina, chances are you’ll find chimichurri served with your meals. Chimichurri is a popular sauce, sometimes even a marinade, that is often paired with dishes such as grilled meats and, as mentioned above, provoletas.

Chimichurri is a savory concoction of parsley, garlic, vinegar, olive oil and chili pepper. It is usually the best accompaniment to beef, but it also makes a great sauce for several dishes all the same. This condiment is everywhere, so do try some when you see it.


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A choripan is chorizo (chori) in between slices of bread (pan), hence the name. Popular as street food in Argentina, it is also served in restaurants as an appetizer or a snack. If you see someone on the streets grilling food and the smell of it is enticing you to come closer, those are probably choripans.

Choripan is usually served with your choice of salsa or – you guessed it! – chimichurri.


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Imagine this: fried dough pockets with spiced ground beef, cheese and vegetables. The combination makes a mouthwatering image that is an empanada. Also a popular type of street food, empanadas are either baked or fried and comes in beef or chicken. Empanadas are even made with a sweet filling making it perfect for dessert. These pastries have a Spanish influence adding more to the delights of Argentine cuisine.

Dulce de Leche

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Translated as milk jam, dulce de leche is a sweet sticky treat enjoyed by Argentine people. Dulce de leche is condensed milk heated until it becomes a thick caramel. It is used on breads, empanada fillings and even turned into ice cream. There may be many varieties of this sweet dessert but most people would agree that the best way to eat dulce de leche is to grab a spoon, scoop out a generous portion and lick the treat off of it.


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Another sweet pastry is alfajores. These are biscuits, shortbreads or butter cookie sandwiches with jams or dulce de leche in the middle. Varieties of it include rolling it in coconut. One can also have this snack for dessert, but the alfajores is also a great for breakfast.


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The best way to enjoy Argentine cuisine is through an asado. Asado is a traditional way of grilling beef and all sorts of meat. Choices include pork, chicken, beef, rinones (kidneys), morcilla (blood sausages), mollejas (sweetbreads) and even provoletas. It is then topped with chimichurri and downed with red wine.

Eating asado is a social event and a way for Argentine people to introduce to you their way of eating and barbecuing. To have it at someone’s home in Argentina is a beautiful and heartwarming experience. But restaurants also have it should you wish to be able to experience it while you travel.