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There are rare occasions or calendar events that may get you thinking about your ex, like your anniversary, his/her birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day (the worst day of them all). To help you get your mind off your ex, allow us to remind you that all you need to survive this weekend is yourself, your passport, and the Viyahe app on your phone. Now to further convince you, here are 7 Reasons Why Viyahe is Better Than Your Ex.

Reason #1: Viyahe is here to help you

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Can you recall an instance when your ex actually helped you and not give you any problems? Viyahe exists to make things easier for you when you travel. Get real-time solutions from our live travel assistants.

Reason #2: Viyahe is accessible anytime, anywhere

Unlike your ex, Viyahe is reachable 24/7. Need some tour recommendations? Got a random travel question? Chat away. Viyahe is ready to talk to you whenever, wherever.

Reason #3: Viyahe will take you to places zero the drama

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Are you still dreaming of that vacation in Santorini? Just let us know, and we’ll give you the best options to get there. Planning trips with Viyahe is fun and easy, not like your ex.

Reason #4: Viyahe is honest

Expect integrity and total transparency with Viyahe’s travel services. We don’t hide anything from our clients. Unfortunately, you had to deal with someone shady in the past. Sorry.

Reason #5: Viyahe won’t judge you

If your overly opinionated ex gets into your nerves all the time, Viyahe is a total contrast. You had a travel mishap? We’re here to help, and we know how to sympathize.

Reason #6: Viyahe prioritizes your wants and needs

Tending to last-minute requests is a specialty of Viyahe. When you need something, we don’t whine or complain, we only help.

Reason #7: Viyahe will adjust for you

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When it comes to flight booking and payment options, Viyahe puts your preference on top. You don’t need to adjust for us, we’ll walk the extra mile for you. We bet your ex can’t even meet halfway.

Reason #8: Viyahe remembers important dates

That person from your history may forget your birthday and anniversary. But with Viyahe, we take note of important dates on your calendar. Now you’ll never miss another flight or online check-in again.

You’re never alone with Viyahe. Download the app today and start planning your dream vacation.