6 Must-try Canadian Snacks and Where to Find Them

One thing you usually look forward to when in a different country is to try out as many dishes from their cuisine as you can. The number of must-try Canadian snacks is too many as everything seems to be tasty and appetizing. Deciding what to eat is a difficult task if you have a limited visiting period.

We at Viyahe whipped up six of the top Canadian snacks that you must try and wherein the Great White North you can find the best ones.


Originally from: Killaloe, Ontario, Canada
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BeaverTails is a Canadian chain that offer artisanal Canadian pastry. They have been in the market for 40 years. Introduced by Pam and Grant Hooker's family in 1978, these doughs made of wheat are shaped to resemble the tail of a beaver. After deep frying, a variety of spreads and toppings are available for you to choose, such as nutella and banana, peanut butter and Reese's and pieces or as simple as cinnamon and sugar.

Viyahe tip: Easily spot this chain as a food truck or a kiosk in various fairs, theme parks and other events. Additionally, BeaverTails have already expanded nationwide so it would be easy to find a branch near you.

Butter tart

Originally from: Provinces of Canada
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Are tarts overrated? Not in our watch! This yummy pastry is the epitome of a heavenly treat. As soon as you sink your teeth into this dessert, you will immediately taste the creamy custard center made of butter, sugar and egg. The flaky pastry shell, on the other hand, balances out the sweetness of the filling.

Butter tarts usually come around during the holidays or Christmas time while some stores offer these all year round. Add some raisins, pecans or any toppings will do. Really.

Viyahe tip: Visit Betty's for the best butter tarts in Canada. This shop offers several flavors and other pastries to look forward to. They have also been previewed on TV and even won awards! No doubt that the trip to Ontario is going to be worth it.

Nanaimo bars

Originally from: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
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Named after a British Columbia city, Nanaimo bars are delectable no-bake dessert bars that Canadians love. Having a total of three layers, this flavorful treat is not only affordable but also easy to make. Its base is made of wafer or coconut crumbs, layered with vanilla flavored butter icing and then topped with chocolate ganache.

Viyahe tip: Don't feel like going to a coffee shop to get these? Make this dessert at home and even put your own twist by adding mint or peanut butter! The best recipe (as awarded by the city's mayor in 1986) can be found on their website.

Montreal Bagels

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Originally from: Montreal, Canada
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Bagels are no doubt one of the popular breads in the world. But there's nothing like these the Montreal way. These goodies are sweeter, denser and thinner than the ones from New York. And the secret? Each Montreal bagel is hand-rolled and boiled in honey water. Afterwards, it gets seeded with poppy or sesame seeds and then baked in a wood fire oven.

Have this all-Canadian snack anytime you want–breakfast, lunch or brunch–and top it with your favorite spread, like cream cheese.

Viyahe tip: The ongoing battle for the best Montreal bagels between St. Viateur and Fairmount Bagel is still inconclusive. Since these two bagelries are only a few blocks apart, it would not be a bother figuring out which one is the champ! Good luck!


Originally from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Technically, the Caesar is not a snack, but this cocktail drink is too good not to include in the list. Originating from Alberta, Canada and known as the national cocktail, this drink is surely not something you encounter in every bar.

The Caesar is made up of unimaginable combination of various liquids such as vodka, clamato juice, Tabasco and worcestershire sauce. This may sound weird, but the Caesar wouldn’t be Canada’s national cocktail if it doesn't do anything special to the heart.

Viyahe tip: Have this drink at anytime of the day! Some restaurants serve this drink for brunch dates. While some, like Sorso, appreciates creativity and lets you garnish this drink with savory food, vegetables or even pastries!


Originally from: Warwick, Quebec, Canada
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Last but definitely not the least is the Poutine. If you ask a Canadian about the must-try dishes in their country, we're pretty sure they would not miss including this on the list. It's just totally non-negotiable!

Various restaurants or store owners have already concocted a lot of versions of this dish since its accidental discovery. The wide range of choices for the sauce, fries and toppings will make you go loco. However, the original version includes crispy french fries, freshly-made cheese curds and some light savory gravy.

Viyahe tip: La Banquise is said to be one of the best Poutinery in Montreal. This chain has more than 30 options to choose from. No doubt you'd find a version the best that fits your palate there!