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Everybody loves skiing, especially during winter time. But these luxurious ski towns prove that these destinations are meant to be visited anytime of the year. These snowy mountain caps are surely something to be seen up close. The best thing? These towns offer other places for those who aren’t up for the challenge of the elevation.

Here are some of the most beautiful ski towns that you should head to soon:

Whistler, Canada

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This bustling Canadian ski destination is comparatively one of the younger ski resorts. It has, however, turned into one of the most popular ski destinations and is often called as skierֹs’ dream destination. Whistler is mostly attributed to how the area lets you live out your Olympics dreams. As its name suggests, the venue is called such after the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Head to the Olympic Park and engage in skiing, ski jumping, and snowboarding, snowshoeing and tobogganing.

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Must-see: Aside from the Olympic Park, a hike to the Garibaldi Lake will take your breath away!

Chamonix, France

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Part of the meandering Mont Blanc or “White Mountain” is Chamonix, which lies on the intersection of France, Switzerland, and Italy. Chamonix owns the highest summit in the Alps, perfect for ski athletes who want that extra notch on their books. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed version of a ski trip, enjoy the peaks with cable cars that offer a panoramic view of breathtaking peaks of Aiguille du Midi, Mer de Glace, Le Brévent

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Must-see: A visit to Lac Blanc will give you a panoramic view of the the sprawling snowy mountains.

Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA

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Beaver Creek is a mountain village in Colorado proven to be a must-go destination may it be winter or summer. Because of its ski runs, terrain parks and cross-country routes, the options of activities for the adventurous ones are endless. Visit Beaver Creek during the summer with its snowy white façade turning into lush greenery for mountain biking, hiking, and gorgeous white water rivers.

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Must-see: The Vilar Performing Arts Center Beaver Creek is a great place to unwind after a long day of hiking. The place has various shows such as theater productions, concerts, and comedy nights

Gstaad, Switzerland

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A visit to Gstaad is like entering inside a fairytale book with its uniquely small town appeal. Part of the Saanen municipality, Gstaad is a major ski town and a popular destination amongst high society and the international jet set because of the town’s quality of privacy. If you’re looking for a ski trip during the non-winter season then Gstaad is the perfect destination for you! Gstaad is home to Glacier 3000 which operates year round to offer cable cars and ski lifts whatever time of the year it is.

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Must See: Beaver Falls in the Havasupai Falls Area is a waterfall that features pristine blue water you’d love to jump into!

Lech, Austria

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Lech is a mountain village and an exclusive ski resort in the Bludenz district of Austria which is favored by many members of royal family including Princess Diana herself. She once visited Lech back in the early 1990s with her two sons. At night, Lech almost looks like a scene from a Wes Anderson movie with beautiful architecture that exudes a charming and quaint quality. Walking around the village feels like being inside a Christmas snowball with unwavering holiday vibe each street

Talk to the locals in: Predominantly German or Austrian German
Must See: Not many people know about Lech’s farming origins and the numerous cattle farms surrounding the area. Visit one of them!