Easter may be coming this weekend, but the rest of the world still hasn’t resurrected from a global lockdown yet. But hey, it’s better to stay home and keep safe, right? Now to keep you and your family in good spirits, here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home.

1. Gather the family (physically or digitally)


If you and your brood are all under the same roof, then you are in luck for some fam time. Ask each family member to free up their Sunday and leave their rooms so you can all spend time together for Easter Sunday. Or if you’re living alone and your family is scattered in different locations around the world, then schedule a call with the fambam on Skype or Zoom.

You may reach out to your friends as well, especially if they are saner. The point is to gather your community and bond. But don’t forget to be mindful of the social distancing part.

2. Tune into church online


You know how much your folks miss attending mass or Sunday service. So, do something nice for them by bringing the church to your living room. A lot of local parishes and other church communities have already moved their gatherings in the digital realm. You can all even dress up for Sunday’s best at home.

Just check the church’s website or Facebook Page to stream their services.

3. Feast on an Easter Brunch


If there’s an Easter tradition you would be silly to miss during the quarantine, it’s the Easter brunch. Sure, you’ll miss the festive brunch specials in hotels and restaurants this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it at home. Better bring out your delicate chinaware and set up the table fancy for a delightful meal with the family. But if you don’t feel like cooking, you can always order from restaurants who are still operating for food delivery.

4. Host an Easter egg hunt and art session


Plan out some classic Easter activities for the kids and kids-at-heart, like an egg hunt, painting eggs, and doing some arts and crafts. For the egg hunt, you can hide the Easter eggs around the house, and whoever finds the most eggs will win a basket of candies and other treats. Also, your art and crafts session doesn’t have to be all about eggs and bunnies. It can be an afternoon of learning how to do calligraphy or finishing a page of mandala coloring books. You’ll be surprised how therapeutic art can be.

Here’s a better idea: create greeting cards for COVID-19 patients and medical front liners to cheer them up. Check with the nearest hospital in your area if they have an initiative like this. If not, just send the cards and ensure the hospital that they are well sanitized.

5. Dedicate the day for a movie marathon


If you want a more lowkey celebration while munching on some comfort food, you can always watch movies on Netflix or Prime Video. You can even challenge your pals to do the marathon with you by setting watch parties. And make sure to select action-packed epic films, like Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, and Jurassic Park, to get some hilarious reactions from your friends. Or you can also watch some critically acclaimed films and critique them if you want to.