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You’ve heard of white sandy beaches your whole life. You’ve seen how beautiful they look as they stretch out into the beach with pristine, turquoise waters surrounding the island. It’s a gorgeous sight. But imagine if those white sandy beaches were a different color. Imagine if the sand were red or blue. Unusual, but still beautiful.

You’d be amazed to know that many beaches with unusually colored sands exist. Found around the world, they look beautiful in photos. Now how much more beautiful would it be to see them with your own eyes? Here are 5 unusually colored beaches you should definitely check out.

Purple: Pfeiffer Beach (California)

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Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California is known for its purple beach. But just to be clear, the entirety of Pfeiffer Beach is not purple. It’s located at the north end of Pfeiffer Beach and is best seen after the rain. The purple sand comes from the manganese garnet rocks from above where the rain washes it down.

The beach is sort of secluded. Mainly because there’s a bit of a walk and visitors claim there are parking fees. But what is worth it is the view. The beach isn’t crowded like most California beaches are. You can have the place all to yourself.

Gray: Ocean Cape Area (Gulf of Alaska)

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Photo Credit: NOAA Photo Library via Flickr

The metallic colored sand of the Gulf of Alaska is beautiful. The Ocean Cape Area is also known to many as the gray beach. It’s located in a small town called Yakutat and is known to be a surfing area.

To visit the place, head to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The beach is right next to it. You can also check out the park as it has many activities such as kayaking, fishing and bird-watching.

Red: Kaihalulu Beach (Maui)

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The red beach of Kaihalulu is a scenic one. But like all unique and scenic spots, it’s quite difficult to get there. But not impossible! To reach the beach, you’ll have to get past private property with permission and then hike downwards carefully. The view of the magnificent red sand beach is worth all the trouble in the end.

Pink: Balos (Greece)

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Swimming in Balos feels like you’re in a very large swimming pool. Balos is a lagoon with crystal clear and shallow waters. What’s even more picturesque is the fact that the sand looks pink. This is the result of old seashells that have been crushed by the sea and washed into shore. To get to the pink beach, board a ferry from the Kissamos port.

Rainbow: Glass Beach (California)

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What was once a dumping site in Fort Bragg is now a tourist spot. The Glass Beach is literally what it is: a beach filled with glass, refined by Mother Nature. It also goes by the name Rainbow Beach because of the colorful glass found along its shores.

Unlike the many beaches mentioned above, this one is popular with the tourists. So head there early so as to get the most out of your visit.