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Made up of a 23 countries, North America is home to wonderful destination choices. Not only does it make for great photo snaps, but also for memories kept forever.

A beach getaway, a mountain-side adventure, or a city exploration — whatever it is that you’re looking for, these Instagram-worthy attractions in North America are for the books.

Here is an array of beautiful possibilities that will satisfy Instagram-worthy seekers:

Old Quebec in Quebec, Canada

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A certified UNESCO World Heritage site, the district of Old Quebec features its storied 400-year history through its astonishing landmarks and edifices. Learn more about its military history by visiting Citadelle de Québec, the largest British-built fortress in North America. Visit Plains of Abraham, an extensive greenery where the French and British armies battled for the North American control. Wonder at the 1647-built Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec, a monumental sight not just for the religious but also for fans of architecture.

Viyahe tip: Stroll through its gorgeous cobblestone streets and soak in its small-town charm with its quaint antique shops, art galleries, and craft cafes!

Sima de las Cotorras in Chiapas, Mexico

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Found deep in the Chiapas region is one of nature’s boldest creations: a sinkhole, naturally produced through the erosion and the moving of tectonic. The Sima de las Cotorras is home to an ecosystem of plants and small animals. It is also home to thousands of Mexican Green Parakeets which attracts tourists for its majestic circular formations. Its expansive inner wall is decorated with ancient rock paintings that you can see up close by rappelling down the sinkhole. Once you reach the floor, there is also a massive cave which you can explore further. This site truly is for the brave of heart!

Viyahe tip: Best to book your trip between the months of March to October to experience the Mexican Green Parakeets in full force.

Napa Valley in Napa County, California, U.S.A.

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Best known for its wine, Napa Valley offers a luxurious getaway to nearly 400 wineries that offer tastings and tours. The sprawling harvest land makes for a wonderful backdrop for your personal portraits as you show off a glass of wine to your IG followers. The area’s snap-worthy wineries, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts are best known for its predominantly wooden and rustic aesthetic that gives off a warm and enveloping feeling — perfect for those looking to unwind. However, some of the wineries also offer unusual architecture. The Darioush Winery Oak Knoll has a Greek-like architecture that makes it stand out among others while the castle of Castello di Amorosa Calistoga channels a medieval energy. Artesa Vineyards & Winery, on the other hand, provides a post-modern space that maximizing natural light even in its interiors.

Viyahe tip: Avail of the hot air balloon ride for a stunning aerial view of the harvest land!

Saint Lucia

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Smack in the middle of the Caribbean is a small but bountiful country called Saint Lucia which features one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Numerous oceanside views such as Sugar Beach, Marigot Bay, and Grande Anse are standouts, and the Vigie Beach is lined by endless palm trees. The water is absolutely pristine and the sun will kiss you just the right way for your selfies. No filter needed!

Viyahe tip: Flex your climbing muscles by hiking up the 798 meters of Gros Piton. This challenging hike is sure to keep your beach body tight while in Saint Lucia!

Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada

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Jasper National Park is the answer for anyone looking to witness the glorious alchemy of water, mountains, and rock formations. Mountain tops are blanketed with sweet snow, and this whiteness is complemented by the surrounding formations of the Athabasca Falls. If you’re looking for serenity, the Maligne Lake is a must-see for its nearly turquoise blue water.

Viyahe tip: Make sure to visit Sunwapta Falls! See the mystic-like island of trees at the head of the falls!