Chicago Deep-dish Pizza

One will never look at pizza the same way again after trying a slice, Chicago-style. After all, eating a Chicago deep-dish pizza is a totally different pizza eating experience. This city in Illinois has turned this simple comfort food into a smorgasbord of flavors.

There are a lot of things Chicago is known for but it's their deep-dish pizzas that are probably the most popular. This style of pizza is baked in a pan. It gives their pizzas that high crust which holds a deep, thick layer of cheese, sauces and all kinds of toppings you can think of.

Since Chicago is home to dozens of deep-dish pizzerias, we've rounded up the best five you definitely need to try when you're in the city:

Art of Pizza

Located at: 3033 N. Ashland, Chicago IL (See map)
Contact them at: (773) 327-5600

Don't let the interior design of this place fool you. What the Art of Pizza lacks in decor, they make up for it in the taste of their pizzas.

Hands down, the Art of Pizza has the best sauce which makes all of their pizzas worth every penny. Rich and flavorful, their sauces don't soak up the whole pie because we all know nobody wants a soggy pizza. Their herbed-infused crust is topped with a generous amount of meat, vegetables and heaps of mozzarella. You won't be able to resist getting the camera ready for that cheese pull you're about to experience.

Best to try: The Art's Meaty Delight when you're around. It's true to its name as it is filled with ground and sliced beef, sausage, bacon, and pepperoni.

My Pi Pizza

Located at: 2010 N Damen Avenue Unit E, Chicago, IL 60647 (See map)
Contact them at: (773) 394-6900

My Pi Pizza is a small family pizzeria. They've been around since 1971 so you can bet that they've already perfected their pies. Compared to most Chicago deep-dish pizzas, My Pi's has a relatively thin layer. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have much filling. They make sure to stuff their deep dish pizzas with the finest meats and local mozzarellas. Imagine every bite is as creamy and delicious as the next one. Add in that specially made pizza dough handed from generation to generation and you've got yourself a nice and filling Chicago-style pizza with that crunchy crusty texture.

Best to try: Their deli station, aside from their pizzas. There, you can buy My Pi's meats which locals swear by. My Pi's is a small place so expect it to be a bit crowded at times, but it's worth a visit so try to grab a slice on your next trip in the city.

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Located at: over 52 locations. Check out which branch is nearest you here.

Here's another family-owned pizza place. Lou Malnati's is a popular Chicago deep-dish pizza place. They started in 1971 and they've grown to over 52 locations at present. Their trademarked crust, Buttercrustâ„¢, is a family secret recipe that makes every deep dish pizza so addicting. It's flaky, crispy and buttery, and amazingly holds all the ingredients together. They don't cut out on the toppings (or fillings) because every bite is a cheesy, saucy, and meaty explosion in your mouth.

Best to try: Their Malnati Chicago Classic, claimed to be "absolutely the authentic Chicago pizza."


Located at: multiple places, so you can check out the branch nearest you here.

A bustling pizza place can only mean one thing: they serve really good pizza. And with a crowd that Giordano's can pull, you can expect you've landed at the right pizzeria.

Giordano's is accessible anywhere in the city that this place is probably everyone's go to place for Chicago deep-dish pizza. The crust may be a bit on the sweet side but it's still a favorite among many for its flaky and crispy texture. They use their signature mozzarella cheese. It gives their pizzas that creamy delicious taste. Their deep dish is also layered with their Italian sauce and hearty meats.

Best to try: Their Make Your Own – Deep Dish for those who want to create their own pizza.

Pequod's Pizza

Located at: 2207 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 (See map). They have another branch outside of Chicago here.
Contact them at: (773) 327-1512

There's a lot of argument whether Pequod's serves deep dish pizza or simply just pan pizza. They have that high crust with toppings enough to fill up a layer. But the crust is also thick and fluffy akin to that of a pan pizza. However, their customers end up forgetting which is one or the other. They end up agreeing it's a mix of the best of both worlds.

Pequod's has one of the most delicious pies in Chicago, so it's no surprise that they have an insane waiting list. Be sure to order ahead.

Best to try: Their famous caramelized cheese ring, the result of baking their pizza n a high pan. This gives their pies that extra crunch. It's every customer's favorite along with their fresh tomato sauce and their choice of toppings.