4 Outdoor Activities in Colombia The Explorer in You will Enjoy

Doing outdoor activities in Colombia, a country of great diversity, is a real must. After all, this South American country has rich mountain ranges, forestry, and beautiful bodies of water. For any traveler, the things to do are endless. Here are some of the outdoor activities in Colombia for your adventurous soul:

Coffee Tour In Pijao

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As the third largest producer of Coffee in the world, Colombia is the perfect place to witness how coffee beans are grown and cultured up-close.

A visit to a coffee farm will exhilarate coffee enthusiasts and have their heart rates up! WakeCup Experience by Experience Cafetera is called by many "the best coffee tour" in Colombia.

Unlike other tours that only take a few hours, WakeCup is a full-day coffee trip that offers a holistic and immersive experience. Tour joiners will get to visit an actual working and running coffee farm in the town of Pijao. Through this experience, WakeCup hopes to provide an eye-opening experience that shows how coffee has played a very vital role in the culture and history of the place.

Viyahe tip: Meet and greet the people behind coffee production and consumption: the farmers, coffee pickers, jeepney delivery drivers, to casual town residents!

Trekking in the Cocora Valley

Outdoor Activities in Colombia - Trekking in Cocora Valley (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

Found in the Andean Mountains is Cocora Valley, called by many locals as Valle de Cocora. Many travelers attempt to traverse the sought-after trails of this valley because of the incredible view that it provides on the way—a sea of palm trees overlooking wrapped and hugged by the clouds. The cloud forest towers as tall as 86 meters or 223 feet high and it's an incredible sight to witness.

The Andean Mountains is home to the national tree and symbol of Colombia, the Quindío wax palm. Getting to the trailhead is about a 30-minute drive from the town of Salento. For visitors, there are jeepneys available at the town square of Salento.

Viyahe tip: Hike your way up to Cocora Valley. These two ways have proven to be most popular: the 5 Hour Loop, Counterclockwise or the 5 Hour Loop, Clockwise.

Horseback Riding in Medellin

Outdoor Activities in Colombia - Horseback riding in Medellin (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

Riding through the Central Andes Mountains on a back of a horse is definitely not on the usual travel itinerary. But doing this in the heart of a valley in Medellin? What an experience that can be! Have zero experience with horseback riding? Not to worry! You will be given a horse that according to your skill and level.

The guided horseback ride takes about a leisurely 2 hours and along the way, you will cross creeks and pass through rich and thick forestry. You will, however, get to take some stopovers, take a break, take in the beautiful scenery, and snap some photographs.

Viyahe tip: Make sure to keep your eyes on the lookout for Colombia's many native birds, like macaws and yellow parrots and hummingbirds. A monkey or two might say hi as well!

Mud-bathing, Totumo Volcano in Cartagena

Outdoor Activities in Colombia - Mud bathing in Totumo Volcano in Cartagena (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

If you're looking for something more relaxing but equally exciting, going mud-bathing at the Totumo Volcano is the best activity for you!

The volcano itself is said to be about 2,300m (7,546 ft) deep. It might sound a little scary at first, but the entire thing is safe, fun, and deeply exfoliating. The mud bath itself is 50 feet deep and 15 feet in diameter. This allows for about fifteen to twenty people in the same bath at once. The pool of murky mud is extremely buoyant and leaves the skin very soft and silky.

Outdoor Activities in Colombia - Mud bathing in Totumo Volcano in Cartagena - Mud bathing in Totumo Volcano in Cartagena (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

After soaking in the mud pool, walk to the nearby river where you can rinse yourself. A group of women is also ready to help you get yourself clean. This will also cost around USD1.50.

Viyahe tip: Take relaxation to the next level by getting a quick mud massage, which costs just about USD1.50.

Into mineral-rich mud? Check out the Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea.