3 Modern Museums in Amsterdam Worth Visiting

To most visitors of the city of Amsterdam, museum hopping is a must. And with seventy-five museums in total, the options are endless! The capital of the Netherlands is reputable for its progressive and youthful energy - and no other place captures this but the many modern museums in Amsterdam! The city is truly a perfect center for art, music and theater to grow and thrive.

Most will head to the city's "Big Three" museums. There's the Rijksmusuem with its vast and glorious art selection. There's also the ultramodern Stedelijik Museum. Lastly, there's the Van Gogh Museum dedicated to the famed Post-Impressionist painter. This list, however, will focus on museums that truly breathe youth and zest to the city's museum community. So, here are three modern museums in Amsterdam that you should visit:


Modern Contemporary Museum

Address: Honthorststraat 20, 1071 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours Open: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM - 9PM

From the outside, the Modern Contemporary Museum in Amsterdam looks like a traditional European townhouse-small in size and tempered in its ostentation. Inside, however, is a wildly progressive and modern selection of contemporary artists' works. Past exhibitions include artist of great contemporary influence, such as surrealist Salvador Dali, pop art pioneer Roy Lichetenstein, and the tastemaker Andy Warhol.

On Display

Iranian brothers Icy & Sot will have their show 'A Moment of Clarity' running at the museum until January 2019 in MOCO Museum. The controversial nature of their work revolves around themes of oppression, freedom, war, and dreams.

Banksy Backstreet

The current Banksy exhibition features the mysterious street artist's best works such as Laugh Now, Girl With Balloon, Kids on Guns, and Pulp Fiction to name a few. Part of this exhibition are his less known works on canvases, wood, and paper which are of equal importance as his outdoor and street art. Banksy's Beanfield painting has been on display in MOCO Museum since 2009. While it is not his most recognizable work, it's a clear depiction of the legendary artists' activism.


Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

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Thank you to everyone for coming to the opening of our new autumn exhibitions. Couldn't make it? Plan your visit foam.org/programme . Masahisa Fukase - Private Scenes is a retrospective exhibition featuring works of the late Japanese Master who was one of the most experimental and innovative photographers of his time. Learn more on foam.org/masahisafukase. . Foam 3h: Senta Simond - Rayon Vert features an intimate approach to the female body and portraiture through female eyes. Learn more on foam.org/sentasimond. . Opening Masahisa Fukase - Private Scenes & Foam 3h: Senta Simond - Rayon Vert, 2018 © Daniel Lewensztain #foamamsterdam #exhibition #opening #portraitphotography #japanesephotography @senta.simond @masahisafukase

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Address: Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours Open: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM - 9PM

Focusing on photography, FOAM is equal parts odd and vivid. This museum centers on the art of photography with a selection that's so glossy and delectable to the eyes, ranging from still photography and multimedia works.

Bold and Beautiful

The place has showcased a very undiscriminating selection of work. Just recently, they displayed Masahisa Fukase's nostalgic, atmospheric, and affecting personal photographs, Swiss artist Senta Simond's intimate and sexual approach to female self portraiture, and Samuel Gratacap up-close documentation of life in sub-saharan, middle east.

A Little Bit of Everyone

The museum does not house art on a yearlong or long term basis. Rather, FOAM holds 4 to 5 large exhibitions from notable photographers that last 3 months and simultaneously, smaller exhibitions by up-and-coming artists — giving equal spotlight to world-famous names and fresh talents as well. It does however have a bookshop downstairs selling various books that compliment the FOAM experience. FOAM also publishes an in-house, well-curated quarterly magazine that you can take home to continue your FOAM experience even after your leave the premises. Make sure to pick up a copy or two on your way out!

CoBrA Museum of Modern Art

Address: Sandbergplein 1, 1181 ZX Amstelveen, Netherlands
Hours open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11AM - 5PM
Cobra Museum holds an impressive collection of avant-garde works from the Dutch CoBrA Movement, a European movement during 1948 to 1951. The name was coined from the movement's initiators home cities Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. It is guided by the principle that art must bring about social chance. The CoBrA movement became a place for the youth to run to during the years after World War II.

Display Defining Movement

The interior, designed by Dutch architect Wim Quist, uses natural light that gives a more illuminating experience for art viewing. Carl-Henning Pedersen's I Salemons Rige (In Salomon's Kingdom) is one of the museum's must-see paintings. The ceramics and sculptures of Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille and Anton Rooskens are also display the dynamic and physical aspect that is essential to the ethos of the movement. Another interesting exhibition on display is the 1963 publication Musique Barbare which pushed the boundaries of jazz exploration is available for reading, viewing, and listening.

Moving Guided Tours

The museum offers two types of guided tours. The first one is the usual Art Historical Guided Tour that that takes you through the museum's collection. The second is the Slow Art Walk, under the guidance of a trained "Visible Thinking" tour guide. The Slow Art Walk does not provide much information but instead poses questions, which lets you experience the true transformative spirit of the CoBrA Movement. This type of walk through lets you breathe and take in the art providing the luxury of time.