Traveling has gotten just a little bit complicated in our new world with ever-changing protocols and safety measures. Gone are the days that a backpacker can book a last-minute flight anywhere in the world or a business traveler making a side trip out of a whim. In our new reality, everything has to be planned carefully and well-coordinated with local authorities. Yes, trip planning is a lot of work these days —that’s why you have Viyahe, your mobile travel assistant.

Planning a trip with Viyahe makes traveling fun and easy again. Everything you need to know about navigating new normal travels and how to explore destinations safely is just a chat away. Need to know more? Well, here are the top 3 reasons why you should just chat with Viyahe for any travel needs.

1. COVID-19 Assistance

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Travel protocols change daily in this pandemic, but you can leave all worries to your mobile travel assistant. When you plan your trip with Viyahe, all requirements like swab testing, booking a hotel for quarantine, or preparing special entry documents will be taken care of by your travel assistant. Plus, to ensure you are guided every step of your journey, you will get travel advisories and updates on your upcoming trip. You’ll never be clueless again when it comes to new normal travels!

2. All-In-One Booking Platform

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Why overwhelm yourself with multiple tabs on your browser or use ten different apps just to book a trip? With Viyahe, you can just inform your travel assistant of your trip requirements and budget, and multiple options for flights, hotels, transfer services, tours, etc., will be sourced for you. Need to renew passport and travel insurance? Viyahe will also assist you with those.

3. Travel Agents Available 24/7

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All journeys booked through the Viyahe app are assisted by live travel agents. These experienced trip experts are always ready to help travelers, whether it’s a travel emergency or a special service request—they can handle it. Need a refund for your canceled flight? Your mobile travel assistant is already on it! Wherever you are in the world, whatever travel situation you are in, you’ve got Viyahe to assist you—from the moment you send that initial chat until you get back home safe and sound.

What are you waiting for? #JustChatViyahe to being planning your safe and hassle-free trip today!