Members of the European Union may have revived their travel industries by bubbling together, but the recent increase of Covid-19 cases in some of these countries call for stricter measures. According to a report from here are EU countries that have increased their safety protocols:




Starting from August 12, anyone who has traveled or transited through Croatia, Greece, Malta, or Spain will have to present a negative PRC test taken in the last 72 hours or undertake a test upon arrival and quarantine to wait for results.



Travelers from Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, or Sweden must have a negative PCR test, taken no longer than 72 hours before arrival.



All countries marked as Green (low risk) on Norway’s travel advisory have been changed to Yellow (moderate risk). Quarantine is not required for travelers from Yellow countries. Meanwhile, anyone traveling from Red-marked countries (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic), as well as anyone from outside the EU, is subject to a 10-day quarantine period.



France has a list of high-risk countries, travelers from which require PCR testing before being allowed entry. Countries included on the list are the US, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Panama, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Brazil, Peru, Serbia, Algeria, Turkey, Madagascar, India, and Oman.



Germany added several parts of Romania, along with Spain and Bulgaria to their list of high-risk countries. Anyone on this list must have a negative PRC test from the previous 48 hours before being allowed to enter Germany. Those who do not have a test will be required to take a test on arrival.



Finland has reintroduced its border checks with several Schengen/EU countries upon the increase of COVID cases. Other countries doing border control checks are Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, and the Netherlands.



Switzerland has a list of 46 countries whose travelers are required to quarantine upon arrival. Included on the list are Romania and Spain (except those coming from Balearic and Canary Islands). Planning a European trip soon? Book smarter and travel safer with Viyahe. Get the Viyahe app to connect with Travel Agents anytime, anywhere.

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