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Software Design and Development
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Platform Software Engineer

Job Description

The Platform Software Engineer adopts, or designs and develops APIs, Frameworks, Platforms, Specifications, and Libraries that which Applications and Features within their team, and across the whole department will be built upon. The position is expected to design and implement with scalability, extensibility, and interoperability in mind. The position is expected to engage in discussions with regard to the design of platforms, specifications, and implementation of software architecture.

Job Responsibilities

1. Research, propose, and develop platforms upon which applications and features will be built upon
2. Research, propose, and develop libraries that promote the reusability, scalability, and extensibility of code which applications will be built upon
3. Research, propose, and develop specifications upon which the interoperability of applications and features will be built upon
4. Design and implement with sufficient use of Object-oriented Design principles, Abstraction, and Separation of Concerns
5. Design and develop applications and features on top of these platforms, specifications, and libraries
6. Ensuring that their work operates within the performance standards set by the department for their projects
7. Communicate, and deliberate their designs and proposals
8. Generate documentation necessary to integrate their work into other projects
9. Writing organized, testable, extensible, scalable, code and documentation
10. Writing organized and exhaustive unit and integration tests
11. Automate the testing, building, packaging, and deployment processes through CI/CD practices
12. Address issues, concerns, and bugs that arise from their scope of responsibilities
13. Release planning, timing or orchestration, and execution
14. Release documentation and notification
15. Advice on matters related to their scope of responsibilities
16. Conduct or facilitate Scrum duties as assigned by the department


1. Educational Attainment: Graduate of BS Computer Science degree or similar
2. Work Experience:
a. Two (2) years employed professionally as a Software Engineer in a corporate or business setting, self-employment excluded.
b. Has professional experience in a role that involves designing systems, or APIs

Training and Skills

1. Trainings: Preferred but not required, has additional/supplementary educational background or training in any of the following fields of study:
a. Project Management
b. Systems Development and Design
2. Skills:
a. High Proficiency in Written English
b. Intermediate JavaScript and/or Python programming skills
c. Intermediate understanding of Object-oriented Design principles, Software Abstraction,
Separation of Concerns, and their traditionally applied forms, Architectural Patterns
d. Basic understanding of the AWS Cloud services
e. Basic understanding of CI and CD Practices
f. Intermediate understanding of JavaScript and/or Python Software Packaging
g. Basic understanding of Versioning Systems and Software Releases