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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Job Description

The Cloud Infrastructure Engineers will be in charge of development, and deployment of CloudInfrastructure Software and Resources, as well as disaster awareness and response strategies. The role willaid design, provide practical development, and provisioning through CI/CD automations the needed CloudInfrastructure and or Platform to accomplish the department’s service delivery strategy. If the strategyrequires manual execution, they will collaborate with leaders regarding provisioning of the design andstrategy of Cloud Infrastructure. The role will be responsible for monitoring performance efficiency, security,reliability, and cost of relevant Cloud Software and Resources, and iterating upon the observed metrics ofthe design.

Job Responsibilities

1. Design, develop, and provision infrastructure as code
2. Observe and monitor key design metrics to iterate and improve the previous version
3. Automate the provisioning process through CI/CD
4. Automate the testing, building, and deployment processes through CI/CD practices
5. Development of disaster response tooling, notifications/alarms, metric dashboards
6. Documentation: release messages, notifications, change logs, tooling documentation
7. Writing well organized and testable, automations, infrastructure as code and documentation
8. Address issues, concerns, and bugs that arise from their scope of responsibilities
9. Release planning, timing or orchestration, and execution
10. Release documentation and notification
11. Advice on matters related to their scope of responsibilities
12. Conduct or facilitate Scrum duties as assigned by the department


1. Educational Attainment: Graduate of BS Computer Science degree or similar
2. Work Experience:
a. Two (2) years employed professionally as a Software Engineer in a corporate or business setting, self-employment excluded.
b. Has professional experience in a role that involves Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Infrastructure, System Administration

Training and Skills

1. Trainings: Preferred but not required, has additional/supplementary educational background or training in any of the following fields of study:
a. Project Management
b. Systems Development and Design
c. Agile, CI/CD, Scrum
2. Skills:
a. Intermediate Python programming skills
b. Intermediate understanding of the AWS Cloud services
c. Intermediate understanding of CI/CD
d. Intermediate understanding of Agile
e. Familiarity with varying system workloads, from Front-end to Back-end services