5 of the Most Amazing London Churches

London is filled with many historical buildings: the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the Buckingham Palace. Some iconic, some a reminder of history, some an interesting work of art; all frequented by tourists every year. But one shouldn’t miss checking out London churches.

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5 Unusually Colored Beaches You Should See

Unusually Colored Beaches - Glass Beach, California
You’ve heard of white sandy beaches your whole life. You’ve seen how beautiful they look as they stretch out into the beach with pristine, turquoise waters surrounding the island. It’s a gorgeous sight. But imagine if those white sandy beaches were a different color. Imagine if the sand were red or blue. Unusual, but still beautiful.

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Chasing Waterfalls: 5 of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls around the World

Most Beautiful Waterfalls around the World

It is always a welcoming sight to chance upon majestic waterfalls. It is nature’s way of showing us how wonderful it is to be on Earth and to appreciate its natural state. The most beautiful waterfalls are tourist spots for a reason: so that people can come and see the beauty of nature and be inspired to keep them alive.

There are so many cascading and captivating bodies of water around the world, but Viyahe has listed five of the most beautiful waterfalls:

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