2019 Hottest Travel Destinations

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations — Italy, Korea, Croatia and China

A new year means new places to go to and new countries to explore. It means getting those flights booked as early as now to get the most affordable flights and promotional hotel bookings. It also means planning your holiday trips and long weekends so you can plot your office leaves, say goodbye to stress and say hello to rest and relaxation.

Greet the new year by checking out four of the 2019 hottest travel destinations. Our guide will help you choose where to go with your friends, family, loved ones or even just by yourself. It’s going to be fun so read through to choose your newest adventure.

Sicily, Italy

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Cefalu, Sicily
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Sicily is on the hot list this 2019. Just being featured in the blockbuster “Aquaman” has got many interested in Sicily’s islands and picturesque beaches.

Head to Cefalù where you’ll see the most beautiful turquoise waters. Aside from that, this seaside resort with its medieval alleys and architecture standing in the background is the reason why it’s a popular tourist spot. While you’re there, don’t forget to climb up to La rocca di Cefalù which gives you a spectacular view of Sicily.

For historical buildings, stop by Palermo. This is where you’ll find tourist spots such as the Palermo Cathedral, the Ballaro Market and the Massimo Theatre.

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Arancini

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Viyahe tip: Feeling peckish? Try arancini! Sicily’s popular street food is crispy fried balls of creamy risotto rice, stuffed with cheese, egg, ragu and some even in pistachio pesto.

Seoul, South Korea

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Cherry Blossom in spring, Korea
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Korean dramas can be so addicting and this is the reason why Seoul continues to be a hot travel destination every year. Even if you’ve been there before, you’re bound to see something new.

Immerse yourself in Korean culture by visiting Gyongbukgung Palace. Witness the ceremony of the changing of the guards and explore the many pathways around the palace.

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Kimbap Korea
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For a crazy shopping experience, visit Myeongdong and be amazed by the array of cosmetics sold along the streets. Trying out the street food is also a must at Myeongdong. But for a cheaper yet still delicious experience, go to Gwangjang Market and try out their addicting kimbap. They may look like sushi rolls but taste differently and are very tasty.

Viyahe tip: Check out the Harry Potter-themed café in Hongdae for something new! You need not travel all the way to London anymore for such a magical experience. Feed your inner fangirl at King’s Cross 9 ¾ and transport yourself to the Magical World. Remember that the café is not open during Mondays.

Zadar, Croatia

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Old city of Zadar, Dalmatia Croatia
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This island in Croatia may look a bit small, but Zadar is a beautiful place to visit this 2019. There are many historical sites one must visit while you’re in this place such as St. Simeon’s Church, St. Mary’s Church and St. Anastasia’s Cathedral. Their National Museum is also worth a visit where you’ll find local scientists featured.

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Zadar’s Sea Organ, Croatia
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Viyahe tip: Don’t miss out on Zadar’s Sea Organ. These are large marble steps located near the waters of the old town. Everytime the waves hit the steps, it creates a soothing sound. It’s a popular place to relax and enjoy the view.

Shenzhen, China

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Shenzhen City Night Skyline
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For a fantastic shopping and dining experience, China is your best bet. Shenzhen lies across the border from Hong Kong that travelers usually stop by Shenzhen if they’re in Hong Kong and vice versa.

2019 Hottest Travel Destinations - Coco Park, Shenzhen, China
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Head to Coco Park where you’ll see five floors filled with shopping, dining and all sorts of entertainment. Here you can try out dimsum, congee and hot pots. The cinemas are also nicely equipped with surround sound and excellent viewing should you wish to catch a movie.

For a quiet leisure, head to the Tien Hou Temple. It has been rebuilt several times since the Song Dynasty and is a beautiful reminder of the past. Do note that there is a 15 yuan entrance fee when you visit.

Tien Hou Temple, Shenzhen, China - Tien Hou Temple, Shenzhen, China
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Viyahe tip: Don’t mistake Sea World for an aquarium! just named for it being a local fishing business area in previous years. Visit this place for a plethora of dining options.

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